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Day of Weds

Lots of people in a handful of states got themselves married today to people they cannot make babies with. I mean that only in the traditional sense.

And here's my dilemma about that:

I don't want government to have anything to do with marriage. It's none of the government's business. The fact that married couples get tax breaks which single me does not get is a violation of my Constitutional rights. Married couples should not have any more or less rights than unmarried couple or singles. I haz spoken.

But since the gummint has chosen to be in charge of marriages, and it's pretty clear that the vast majority of Americans want to keep it that way, I want to see any person or persons be able to marry any other person or persons. For now I'll settle for any two persons.

While I'm on the subject, an explanation of why the Supreme Court was not being a bunch of chickens when they refused to hear all those appeals from the bigots.

It's simple.

Standard Operating Preocedure for The Supreme Court, when it agrees with a lower court's ruling, is to remand the case back to the lower court with a "well done, make it so!".

(It is also SOP for the SC, when they do not agree with a lower court's ruling,  to remand the case back to the lower court with a "guess again", and let the lower course reverse or revise its decision, making that decision final. )

So how did my dago? I went to bed at about 11, read for an hour, went to sleep, woke up at about 2:30 to hydrate one end and dehydrate the other, went to sleep and woke up at 3:55 feeling wide awake and confused, because I didn't need to pee, so why was I up. And then I remembered the eclipse. Went outside to the carport in my heavy robe, notice the moon could be seen from the porch, so sat on the porch for 5 minutes thinking I wish I knew where my binoculars were, because the eclips was only a minute or three past totality. It was all red. Finally got my brain to work, got my camera, fit on the 55-300mm lens and put the ISO at 1600 and did some hand helds. They looked meh, so I scooted the ISO to 3200, and used the porch railing as a brace, shooting from a kneeling position. Better. I could have dragged out a tripod but by then it would all be over. Shot for 45 minutes, till it was obvious the eclipse was going from red to off-white.

Went to bed, woke up at 7:30, turned off the alarm and lights and slept till 9. Somehow got to work at 10.
This was my first shot

And this was one of the last.

The whole set is here.

Not a lot to do at work, because the bug fix list was a moving target and other team members and the group in India took all the ones I had the equipment to work on. I'll try to fix that tomorrow. Possibly by taking a day off.

Lunch was at Togo's. Had the Cuban sandwich, not as good as the first one I had there, the ingredient proportions were different. Very little eye candy, though one of the cuter managers was back.

Petco after work, got caught in horrendous traffic on Matilda Ave. Didn't used to be a main commute route, but Lawrence and San Thomas are a mess, this is the next wide road going virtual east-west. Actual north-south.

Went to Petco, loaded the cart with a big bag of The World's Best Cat Litter™ forest scented.

After failing with three clay-based litters which all promised quick clumping but made a slab of concrete on the bottom of the pile, it was time to branch out. So to speak. This got the best reviews.

While I was there I checked in on the adoption center, and there was one mature orange tabby I would have loved to take home. Sigh.

Safeway is next door, went there to replenish the frozen meals, naval oranges, limes, bananas and junk food. They only had 70 proof Southern Comfort, but it was in small bottles and on sale for $9, so I got one. It's my usual last ditch medicinal booze, and I was thinking of dosing myself when I got home, but by the time I got home the cold was gone.

Home, parked the shopping bags, disassembled the big litterbox, took the bottom tray and rake out to the garden and hosed them down. The tray needed even more than that, so it came inside to be scraped clean under hot water spray. Wiped it dry, sprayed it with PAM (per the MFG user guide), put it back together and filled it with the new litter. So far Domino has not used it. I think she checked it out a couple of times and decided to wait.

She is still spending most of her time hiding under a rack in the darkest corner of the bedroom, on top of the rack (which is about 1.5' high) are a comforter, a quilt, and a towel set. Her hind legs are steadily deteriorating, she is having trouble jumping onto my lap, and grooming herself without falling over. At 18 or so (she may be 6 months more than that) I now she had arthritis, and her kidneys are not working well, she probably is diabetic too. But there's nothing reasonable a vet visit would do for her. She doesn't seem to be in any pain (not being vocal except begging for treats) so I'm just going to let her grow old for now.

Dinner was fried Safeway chicken, while watching the latest Doctor Who episode. The one about killing the moon. Utter crap. From the completely implausible premise to the horrible script, acting, set, videography and editing to the moralizing and rationalizing at the end. I have watched my last episode of the season. A shame, because with proper support and a more brilliant companion, Capaldi would have been a superb Doctor.

Speaking of Safeway chicken, as I was wrapping up my shopping the eBay app buzzed saying I had been outbid on a Nikon D800E on which I had placed a lowball bid yesterday. That lowball bid had been topped a few hours later with exactly what would have been my top bid, but then around lunchtime that bid was retracted so I was high bidder again. The new high bid was below my top, so I placed my top bid, and 10 minutes later that's what it sold for. It is way more $$ than I really wanted to spend, and I can only make back 1/3 of it selling my D300S, but it's a huge step up in resolution and it's full frame as well, better in low light. Or that's the theory.

On eBay sales like this, you have to worry about stolen goods and grey market, but it turns out the seller is a middle aged journalism teacher at a Christian prep school, so it's probably legit. I should see it in about a week.

Meanwhile, on the front porch the postal person left two packages, the Starbucks Bali mug (shipped from China) and a 50's era wall mounted 3 oz dixie cup holder. Currently all the wall-mounted ones are both 5 oz and 3 oz and don't work worth beans for the 3 oz. I don't have enough counter space for the pop-up holders. I'll install that tomorrow.

Other plans for tomorrow:
Work (?)


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