Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

The Morning After

Working from home this morning waiting for the state inspector to show up. Yesterday was interesting. Tested two bugs at once at work, both were things which the machine did when it was rebooted, so I had to reboot 10 times with checks for both bugs after each. One was fixed one wasn't. The one that wasn't needed some logging done that I had not heard of before - the guy who originally filed the bug showed me how. I'll have to mention to the boss that this is something which should have been taught to all of us.

But after that there was no work, and the fella in charge of the project came by to say there was nothing for me in the current build, and it looked to be like that for a while. So after talking to him and boss, I put in for a week of vacation next week. Spent a lot of time on amtrak.com trying to see what options I have. I can only be gone 7 days (this coming weekend there are events I don't want to miss - NASA open house Saturday and a master's degree performance by a friend Sunday).

I could just barely get to NOLA and back. Ditto a trip on the Empire Builder across the top of America, a trip I have never taken. But it's 24 hours and an overnight stay in Seattle just to get on board. Santa Barbara would work. San Diego could also work out but it needs an overnight somewhere between SLO and LAX unless I want to arrive in SAN at 1 am.

Lunch was at Sizzler. I forgot to mention that the day before I went to Great Clips at lunchtime to get de-fuzzed, and ate at Home Town Barf-et.

Home for just enough time to meow at the cat, then to CHM to hear an interview with the guy who wrote the Steve Jobs bio, and now has a new book which takes the history of computing from Ada Lovelace to the present. This guy has a resume which blew me away. Editor of Time magazine, CEO of CNN, now he runs a lobbying firm in DC. He didn't last long at CNN, 2 years I think, and probably got there through Time/Warner politics.

Anyhow, it was an interesting talk since as Time editor in charge of multimedia news he got to do 1-on-1 sit-downs with all the greats.

On the way home, stopped for gas, the machine refused my Citi Visa card, had to use my ATM card.

Home, had dinner, watched some TMZ with Domino, spent some more time with Amtrak. Logged onto Citi, which had a message that they could not provide info on closed accounts. WTF? Phoned them, the rep said Citi had closed my account 10/9 after I had used the card at Target, and was issuing a new one. No notice, no nothing. And stupid, because I didn't start using the Citi card at Target until after Discover, with due notice, closed my account and issued a new card because of the Target thing a month earlier. 

The old card is still accepting charges, which is pretty stupid, if the account was closed to protect me from scams. Looks like it's time for a new 0% APR card.

Meanwhile, I went online at Discover and looked at possibilities for redeeming my cashback points. They only do it in $20 and $25 increments, and I have $74 in credit. While I was there I paid off the automatic top-up from my Starbucks card. Maybe that will put me over the top.


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