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Got to work at 9, mostly so I'd be there and working in plenty of time for the 10:16 am earthquake drill. This time it went quickly (last year it started late and it took about 15 minutes for the monitors to check on us - a long time to stay under my desk, especially when it would be safe to come out after 2 minutes.

Almost right after the drill was an automation meeting, with an impressive demo by a team mate who automated a very complicated signal generator.

Did some actual work. Lunch at Togos was boring.

Home, turned on the Jets/Pats game and ignored it while on the PC comparing the lenses I have for the D70-90-300 (DX) to what can be used on the new D800E (FX). Turns out I have 6 DX lenses but only 3 FX lenses. The good news is the FX lenses will be fine for my trip next week, and I should be able to make some $$ selling the DX lenses and the D300. I don't think I can get anything for the D90, maybe one of my relatives could use it.

Did a little more research into Ventura, decided that between the local bus and light rail I'll be able to get around. Probably will be able to get some good surfing photos.

Spent some time customizing the D800, adding a copyright tag and setting the prefix for the filke names, and also setting the camera for full FX mode (the previous owner was using DX lenses and JPEG instead of raw).

Last night I took about an hour and a half to fill out the beta test results for the cable modem/router from the company. It's really a next gen Motorola Surfboard modem with a 2.5/5GHz wifi router slapped on. When I get back from vacation I'll put the ASUS router and Cisco modem back in place.

In sports news, the Jets did indeed lose again, but only by 2 points, and they put 20+ on the board. The Giants won their game, clinching a spot in the World Series. Unbelievable, considering the crappy last 2/3 of the season they had. I think they are going to get clobbered, but I've said that before.

Family news, my last surviving aunt is being moved to an Alzheimer's care facility. She's in NYC, and sadly I found out from a cousin's posting on FB asking if anyone had a pickup truck and could help move some of her things. This is a guy who has time to run a music events web site.  Two of my sisters called her today, and she apparently is mostly lucid.

Plans for tomorrow:
Fry's? The 800 uses a USB 3 cable, I only have 2's.

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