Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

So Tired

I am so tired I thought I already wrote today's post, but I spaced out and did something on Facebook which I'll copy here in another post

Work by 9:30, there were alleged bagels. Noah's has for a while now been passing off dinner rolls shaped like bagels as bagels. I picked one which I thought was egg, but it turned out to be pumpkin. Not a good taste with plain cream cheese. I also grabbed a chocolate muffin, which made a good antidote.

some follow-up work to do, but nothing engrossing. I tacked my 1989 quake survivor T-shirt to the outside wall of my cube. Two reasons: It doesn't fit after lots of washings, and I don't wear T-shirts at work because I need a pocket for my reading glasses, insulin pen, cell phone and ball point pen.

Lunch was Carl's Jr., I had one of the new piled high with bacon burgers, but what it was piled high with was more like thinly sliced ham. Good, but not bacon.

While at work Fedex sent two notices of packages being delivered. Two different tracking numbers, same sender. I had bought a French Horn on eBay, from the tracking number it appeared to have been sent to the wrong address. Somehow it went to Newark, across the Bay. Not finding me, Fedex sent it back to the shipper. I had already alerted him to the Newark, then Sacramento tracking. He apparently re-shipped it, this time with the right address. Or maybe he sent me a second French Horn, expecting the first one to be returned to him.

Anyhow, according to the two Fedex notices, there was a package at my front door and one at my back door.

On the way home, stopped in at Fry's for a USB 3.0 cable of the kind which fits the camera, and a USB 3.0 PC card.

Home, there was just the one package, at the back door. Opened it, and it was a box of Styrofoam peanuts with a French Horn case buried inside. The case was old and rusty, the horn inside was old , but not as beat up as it looked in the auction. The valves and slides all work, but I didn't try playing it, not feeling motivated enough to drag my trumpet case out of the bedroom closet and extracting my French Horn mouthpieces.

That mystery solved, opened up the PC to install the card, but the only safe PCIE i/e slot had my fancy ASUS 802.11 ac wifi adapter. I don't really need that, I can plug a USB adapter in (there's one around here somewhere). So I pulled that and installed the USB card and the drivers, plugged in the cable and the camera, and it worked like a champ. The cable which came with the camera will go in the laptop bag.

Plans for tomorrow:
Walk to light rail by 11:54, take it to NASA, tour NASA
K&S Photo in Palo Alto, see if they have a Nikon 24-120mm f/4 lens in the used collection for a reasonable price.
Coffee w/Janice (she's going to NASA earlier, with a date and twins she takes care of on occasion)


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