Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Difficult Day

It was a Plan C day.
For 2 days in a row Domino had not touched her treats, and only came out of hiding to stare into her water bowl. She seemed disoriented, like she had Catzheimers. So I phoned Banfield, the only non-emergency clinic open on Sundays, wanting a morning appointment so I could still see a friend in her master's degree performance in the afternoon. All they had was 3:30, so instead I got my nails done, watched some bad football, swapped out the beta test cable modem/router for the good ones, and caught up online.

Domino walked right into her carrier, no energy, no fight. She was silent on the ride (she usually complains all the way there and back). Waited in line for the usual Banfield clueless customers ahead of me, finally got checked into an exam room. The tech went over all my info, assuming Domino was there to be put down. She went over all the arrangements for that before we even saw the vet. She took Domino into the back to be catheterized for the euthanasia drugs.

Vet came in at about 3:50 with Domino catherized and examined. She misread the chart, which was from 5 years ago when Domino had a thyroid condition, and thought the illness was due to the thyroid foo. I had taken Domino to be radiated at RadioCat about 5 years ago, since Banfield didn't have that option, and it was pretty clear from my today's description that she wasn't having thyroid issues. Those make a cat hyperactive and ravenously hungry with significant weight loss. It was clear she had no energy.

Anyhow, the vet had examined her and found a heart murmur. That, on top of the other symptoms, said it was Time. Vet left me with Domino for about 10 minutes, came back with two syringes, and I held the cat while the vet squirted stuff into her catheter. It only took about 20 seconds, and appeared to be painless. Oddly, Domino did not look any different dead than alive, since she was not very active in the first place.

I miss her, she was with me for 17 of her 18 years. I had adopted her on 10/5/97. But it was Time, and better for her to not suffer or for me to do what I did with Pumpkin, spend $10k on a vet's bad advice.

More about my cats is here.

It was almost 4:30, Janice was scheduled to meet me at Starbucks near Shoreline at 5:30, so I put the cat carrier in the trunk and went there. Played on the laptop (it needed some pre-trip updates) while half listening to Bob Kanefsky talking to a friend at the table next to mine. He had an interesting conundrum - semantically, what does a seaplane do when it touches down on water? It can't rightly be said to "land" since there is no land there. He had also looked up the word "conk" and found it meant straightening curly hair, and also to kit someone (usually on the head). And he wondered if if derived at all from the shellfish conch (which he pronounced the way it is spelled, rather than the way the dictionary says it is pronounced). Though he may have been pronouncing it that way to differentiate it from "conk". Though Bob has seen me in many a filk circle, and I have been to his house filks three orr four times, he never responds when I say hi. During the whole conversation, Bob's friend only said half a dozen words. When Janice arrived and we started talking, they picked up and left precipitously. Can't blame 'em, we talk up a storm.

Home, put the cat carrier back into the storage shed, finished setting up port forwarding on the ASUS router (I had changed all the webcam IP addresses for the beta test), "liked" the responses on FB to Domino's last photo/RIP announcement at the vet's, unplugged the litter boxes and the water fountain (and emptied the latter). Emailed the park that I would be away next week.

And now I need to have some dinner, pack, and maybe do a load of laundry. And turn off the aircon.

Plans for tomorrow:
Amtrak San Jose station, get a parking permit and wait for the southbound Coast Starlight.
Transfer to the Pacific Surfsomething
Get off in Ventura and hoof it to the Vagabond Inn.

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