Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

I am so bored I am going to read the Costco flyer

Got to work at 9:30, which is good. Forgot to include a banana in my snack cooler. Had enough other things in there to keep me snackified.

Much work to do at work. Allasudden projects on all three models popped up. And hardware engineering assigned someone to look at my new machine when there's time. It has been unpredictable.

Closed a couple of bugs, write a couple of test cases.

Phoned the name on my insurance, 10 am, woke him up. Turns out he's the claims guy, and the number was his mobile. And he works for the mfg homes place which found me this house. He told me to call the woman at the office. I did, she was on vacation but someone else helped. Sent me a copy of my insurance, and she also faxed it to the lender, so now they will have the right stuff on file, and it's good till end of year, and includes flood coverage for a whopping $35.

Lunchtime first stop was Kaiser for a flu shot. It took half an hour to get there because someone decided that it was a good time to repave the busiest intersection between work and Kaiser.

Pulled into a gas station and checked the tires - the front passenger side one is leaking slowly. It hits a lot of curbs. But this time after filling it, the warning light did not clear. So I pulled out the quick reference guide and there is a hidden button and a secret handshake required to reset the light.

Lunch at the Togo's near former Kaiser, which can be made to be on the way to work from current Kaiser. 2 pm and for the next 45 minutes there was a huge amount of school person traffic, heading toward the high school. Apparently they hang out at the 7-11. Way too much jailbait for one afternoon.

Back at work, tried the secret tire warning decoder, but it did not douse the light. Inside, went online, found a more succinct step by step, and the note that 15-30 minutes at 30+ mph may need to be driven to clear it.

Before leaving work I did the new secret handshake, and sure 'nuff, halfway home the light went out. I still need to have that tire looked at. L8er.

Stopped off at F&E for ice cream & kitchen cleaner spray. The less I buy there the better. They are now open 24 hours for no apparent reason.

It's still early, but the Giants are already deep in the hole, it does not look good. Learned that on my sports score app, no way am I watching a baseball game. Boring.

Costco has team logo hoodies on sale. I do not get hoodies. I don't understand how people wear them, hood up, in the summer. Nothing in the flyer of interest to me.

Nothing much to do tonight. Catch up on Tivo. No cat to floss.

I did light the pilot in the furnace and flip the thermostat to "heat". But I had to yank it to 72 to get it to fire up. This place was still at 70 in the morning, without the heater kicking in. 50 outside.

Plans for tomorrow:


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