Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

A Day Of Surprises

First surprise was trying to connect to my pre-release machine at work and not being able to. H/W guy must be examining it because it didn't let me in the back doors either. He was supposed to tell me before he did that...

Next surprise was mapping out the test I need to run on that machine, I thought there would be a dozen combinations, but by the time I finished the spreadsheet matrix there were 62.

And then I wasn't hungry because I'd been snacking all morning, and it was 80-something ° outside so instead of lunch I drove to the park, set up my camp chair under a tree and read from my kindle app.

After half an hour, the nearby middle school let out, and the place was swamped with kids, who actually played outdoors, and were still playing after I left.

Back to work, surprise call from the Nine Lives veterinarian, Juno was ready to be picked up. And Wednesday they are open till 8:30, so I could collect her tonight. Yay!

Home, got the carrier out of the shed and into the car, plugged in the litterbox, filled the water fountain and plugged it in. Watered the lemongrass (three plants out front are thriving!). Also watered the rose bush I'd moved out from under the juniper.

Looked at the World Series score and decided the Giants were toast, and I'll ignore the game until tomorrow.

Drove to Nine Lives, left at 6:45 even though it would have been a lot better to wait till 7 for the HOV lanes to open up. GPS wanted to take me off the freeway almost as soon as I got on it, because there was a traffic jam ahead. But the alternative route would be even slower, so I put up with the slow and go. One total stop, but that was from people realizing there are now two HOV lanes on the left, and they were trying to escape.

At the shelter, two people were ahead of me. The vet and one of the techs saw me after 5 minutes and we got the cat currently known as Juno into the carrier. And another 10 minutes to wait for the receptionists to deal with someone adopting a pair of feral cats.

All done, cat was completely silent on the ride home. GPS again wanted me off the freeway, this time I decided to go with it. Three blocks away, it wanted me to do a U turn, which made no sense because it was announcing a traffic jam in that direction. So I turned the thing off and took the route it was alternating me onto in the first place.

Home, made the mistake of opening the carrier in the laundry room, thinking cat should see the litterbox. But what she saw was the gap behind the washer and dryer and hunkered down there.

Sat down in the livingroom to read the sheet on her, but there wasn't much on it. Apparently I don't get the full report until after the 2-week burn-in period. It did say she had kittens and lost 2 of them. It didn't say out of how many. There was an estimate she is a year old, but that was on the drop-off sheet, not reliable.

Heard fireworks, so turned on the TV to see the Giants had pulled it off. A squeaker. Cardiologist's delight. Huge celebrations downtown, the police decided not to be assholes about it. Most of them are fans too.

Parade will be on Halloween. How appropriate!

Decided it was time to encourage the cat out of hiding, so I slid the broom down there, got her to run away from it and out to the kitchen. She rubbernecked around a bit, went behind the food and water, ignoring those. Jumped up on one of the counter tops, but there was too much stuff on there so I lifted her off, and she let me hold an pet her for a minute while she looked for a place to jump off. And then it was back in a flash behind the washer/dryer.

Watched more TV, then tried the broom again, but this time she wasn't moving.

No worries. I've seen enough to know that she'll go nocturnal while I'm asleep and explore in the dark. Maybe by morning she will have found a more open place to park. I'm hoping in a day or three she'll own the place. I can watch through the webcams from work. I'll be gone most of Saturday, AT&T Park science fest and then taking Janice to SFO at night. But I'll be home all day Sunday, mostly watching football.

Plans for tomorrow:
Park office, drop off the rent and let them know about the change of cat
Thursday night football

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