Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

And She Shall Be Called "Spook"

In honor of Halloween, and how spooked she is right now. Domino and Pumpkin were also adopted around Halloween, 1997 and 98 respectively.

Spook stayed crammed in the corner behind the dryer all day. Webcam in the laundry room could not see back there, but the other cams can see everywhere else and she wasn't out and about at all.

Started the day by driving over to the park office and filling out a new pet agreement for Spook, letting them know Domino is no longer. Also dropped off the rent.

Work, not as late as I thought I would be. 11 am Automation meeting, way too much everyone talking at once. None of the upstairs crew showed up, which made for less noise.

Lunch at China Stix, 1:30 and it was jam packed with a line. They stop serving lunch at 2, open again at 4:30. I think they may need to just stay open. They used to be in a ghost town of a shopping center, but now there's a Sprouts and Target and some more shops and the parking lot has been enlarged and paved, so of course there is more business. That, and they make good dim sum and lunch specials. Had Ha Gow and beef chow fun. Less beef than usual, more fun. I love their beef.

Back to work, boss asked me to switch priorities and test some automation scripts. Automation Guy helped remind me how to to that, and  it took 90 minutes to find out that all but one of the 10 tests had failed. Silly bug - engineering had changed the linux prompt. AG will fix that, tomorrow.

Had a nice chat with one of our new team members, stolen from engineering a month ago. Nice guy, even if he is Canadian. :-)

Left at 6, went straight home, Spook was still where I'd left her.

Checked the mail, there was a very disturbing negative campaign flyer from my local US Congresscritter, who is in the unusual position of running against a fellow Democrat in the Nov. balloting. They changed our rules so the top two vote getters run against each other, and in this district the GOP gets few votes. The incumbent, who is a former Peace Corps volunteer in South America (so he's fluent in Spanish) and spent some of his childhood in an internment camp (so he's fluent in Japanese) but whose English is all-American, had been getting my vote. His opponent is Indian-American, worked on Obama's Senate and Presidential campaigns, and in Obama's administration, and serves on some state boards as well. Opponent has pointed out that in all the incumbent's time in 6 terms, he has only authored and passed one bill. And he's 72 years old. But incumbent's hate mail accuses opponent of being a secret Tea Party puppet, which is like accusing Obama of the same thing. Ludicrous, a lie, fear-mongering, and now incumbent has lost my vote.

And being a bit racist here, there are nowhere near the number of ethnic Japanese in this district as there are ethnic Indians, so it makes sense to have someone who better represents the demographic.

Pulled the washer and dryer out from the wall enough to extract Spook, brought her to the recliner and she stayed still enough for me to cut off her plastic collar. And then she slid off my lap, circumnavigated the piano room and the kitchen and went right back to her hiding place. :-(

Watched some football, and at halftime pulled Spook out of her hidie hole, carried her to the bedroom, put her on the bed and left, closing the door behind me. Back to the laundry room, pushed the washer and dryer back in, put a heavy piece of shelving to block the pathway behind them, and went back to the bedroom, opened the door expecting Spook to streak by and go back to her hiding place and find it blocked. But instead, she was under the bed. I elevated the head and foot so I could see her, she scooted to whichever side I wasn't on. Lightning fast.

I'm happier with her on the clean carpeted space under the bed than on the gritty, dirty linoleum behind the dryer. I figure she will come out when she gets hungry enough.

Dinner was popcorn and chocolate covered cream puffs. So nutritional.

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