Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Orange Friday Halloween

Spook was still under the bed, and she still scooted to the other side when I looked. And when I walked around to the other side she was already on the side I had left.

It was nippy and had rained, with more forecast, which meant I could dig out my very flashy SF Giants faux leather stadium jacket, and while I was at it my SF baseball cap. Wore those to work.

Got very little work done at work, thanks to the Giants championship parade live streaming on all the local TV station web sites. It was work-related in a way, I was able to judge which ones had the best quality. The Fox station kept interrupting for commercials, though one of those was a Toyota ad with Buster Posey where they wheeled in a cart full of champagne bottles. They also used a picture-in-picture but the image was too low a resolution to make it full screen, which defeated the purpose. ABC had the best high res, and the most on-the-street reporters, but they missed the memo which said this was about the players, not about how loud the fans can scream when a camera is pointed at them. And right before the city hall presentations they lost their signal. CBS and NBC were meh, with small windows and intermittent signals, and reporters who yakked and yakked without any connection to the camera views.

Did my weekly report and was surprised that I had a lot to put into it, despite two days of almost nothing.

Home, checked on Spook again, no change. Getting down and up to check on both sides of the bed made me dizzy, so I took a nap. Was out for an hour.

Comcast sports channel was playing a rerun of the parade, and they had a great HD signal, but there was no connection between the announcers and the video. I turned it off after 5 minutes.

Watched the 10 o'clock news and KTVU (Fox) did a good, but way too short, wrap up of the parade and ceremonies.

While everyone is raving about Hunter Pence's rabble rousing turn at the mike, I was much more impressed with Jeremy Affeldt's speech. The good stuff starts at 2:30
To paraphrase him, "Royalty wears a crown. A dynasty? Kiss the ring"
Love it.

The weather does not look good for tomorrow, if it is raining in the city when I wake up, I'll just stay home. Maybe Spook will come out.

Plans for tomorrow:
AT&T Park science fair if the weather is good, if not stay home and watch football games.
Pick up Janice for coffee and a trip to SFO for her flight to Asia.

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