Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

One step forward, two steps to the side

The latest on Spoof is last night (around 4 am) I heard a crash in the kitchen, but knowing there was nothing breakable only looked at the webcam app, and saw Spook was in the little house alcove on the office cat tree, so it wasn't until I was getting ready for work and went into the kitchen that I saw the butane stove lighter, which had been on the counter, on the floor. I've seen her make that jump before.

Before leaving for work, I couldn't find her. Looked in all the usual places, but finally gave up. I knew there was no way out of the house, and since she had found the litter box in the laundry room and parked in the front windows yesterday she wasn't going to stay hidden forever.

Work was very busy, Engineering finally admitted there was something wrong with my new machine's hardware and pulled the main board for testing/repair. A teammate loaned me his unit to test with since he is stuck until we get a build that allows high density video throughput. The good news is the security feature I am testing does not allow someone using an incorrect password to manipulate the device. The bad news is it also doesn't allow anyone with a correct password either. And I filed a bug because the person who wrote the GUI code didn't update it for the new! improved! privacy feature, so just trying to add a passcode for that makes the GUI say rude things.

Lunch today was at Togo's, pastrami day. Only one episode of eye candy, a couple came in from the fitness center down the block, and she was tall, long blonde hair, and in spandex.

Called Amex, they will send me a check for the WorldSIM refund. I still have a SIM worth about £100. It has both a US and UK phone number, if anyone with an unlocked phone capable of taking a micro SIM is planning on going to the UK, we can work something out.

After work, straight home, was unable to think of enough reasons to stop at Costco.

Home, I found Spook without too much hunting, wedged into the far corner of the office, behind CD albums, a container of fluorescent light bulbs and a VCR.  I went back into the livingroom and turned on the football game, and from time to time checked on her. When I sat down in the chair near that corner, she came out to be petted. By the end of the ball game she was out from the hiding place, posing for photos, begging for head scritches but still not letting me pick her up.

I am so beautiful I have to stay indoors to prevent riots.

While I was on the computer massaging the photos, she managed to slip away and use the litterbox. But she didn't touch the canned food which I'd put out for her.

She is getting more use to me, but still wary. She is starting to figure out that I'm not here to capture her and take her Someplace Scary™. As I was writing this, she was plating on the cat tree, first relaxing in the house part, then jumping on top of that to swat the two fuzzy balls on elastic string, and also sharpening her claws on several of the hemp-wound posts.

Plans for tomorrow:

I was getting worried, but not any more.

Plans for tomorrow:
Walk over to the park office and vote, and also give them a photo of Spook for their files.
Songwriter's meetup.

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