Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Damn It's Late

Started off the day voting. Voted for the Gov because his opponent left a slime trail wherever he went. Voted against the Lt. Governor, who somehow escaped unscathed when he committed adultery with his friend/aide's wife. Voted against the Atty General because she left the corresponding position in SF to run for this office last time, rather than face cleaning up a corrupt crime lab. Also voted against my US Rep, because he resorted to a barrage of negative campaigning the last week before the election. He used to be better than that.

Also dropped off a photo of Spook for the park's files.

Work, filed another critical bug which took most of the day to document.

Home after work, Spook was in her office hiding spot. I had seen her on webcam a few times during the day in the kitchen window, though. She came out to be petted and to show me her white tummy and run away when I stood up to rub it. There's something about standing up which freaks her out.

Off to Los Altos, songwriter's meetup. None of these people know how to write a song and sing it. Several are so into playing with their multi-track production software that we get way-too-long pieces. The moderator agrees and is having a song writing meeting Thursday, production people not invited. She played something she wrote, but when she sings she doesn't open her mouth so I couldn't tell if the words were any good.

I may go Thursday. Maybe.

Safeway for groc, then home.

Spook came out to play as soon as I made eye contact, and she got braver as I sat at the PC. Posed for me a lot, climbed up onto the cat tree and played. Dinner time, she followed me into the living room and was totally confused by the people on the TV set. She had not seen TV here before. Too busy hiding under things in other rooms. Her response alternated between staring at the screen and crawling under the coffee table. When I push the empty dinner plate her way, she backed off, then took a few licks. She seemed to like the beef gravy, but not enough to finish it off.

Bottom line is she is getting braver, feeling more secure in the house, but still is very wary of me, especially when I stand up.

Plans for tomorrow:
Hump day
Quality time with Spook

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