Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Spooked again

Could not find her anywhere this morning, did not feel like making the effort to look under the sofa or the stuffed chair, though.

Work was slow, mostly following up on a couple of bugs.

Lunch at Sizzler

Thought about going to Hooters to get a calendar, and dinner, but had wings at Sizzler (part of the salad bar, go figure) and there's football tomorrow night.

Went straight home, Spook was back in her office hiding spot, but as soon as she saw me she bolted for the stuffed chair and crawled under it. I think she wanted to show me where she had been hiding, because as soon as I lifted the back of the chair up, she ran back to the office hole.

She wouldn't come out. Odd backward behavior. I watched an episode of Shark Tank and had dinner (cold smoked turkey leg & cooked veggies) and dessert, and tried again. This time she came out, and even let me brush her a bit. But she doesn't like the wire brush and I can't remember where I put the regular one. Oh yeah now I do, I tossed it because she did not like th other cat smells on it. Have to buy her one of her own.

Went into the livingroom and watched some basketball, but she just kept posing for me on the office carpet. There is a small pile of toys next to the scratching post closest to the TV, I grabbed the stuffed banana, which was a favorite of all three previous cats, and put it in front of her. She loves playing with it, and is so still a kitten that way. About 10 minutes of that, she attacked one of the scratching posts on the cat tree, and now she is lying on the carpet grooming herself. Oh wait, rolling over onto the banana toy now. Yay. Good way to keep her out of that darned hiding place.

Toward the end of work I went onto Flickr to look for photos to use in the 2015 calendar. Found lots, and I'm only up till the first week in London. I could do a whole one for Ghent, and three more for Reims.

Plans for tomorrow:

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