Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Spook out-spooks herself, and then...

I had nothing on  my agenda today except to go see a show at 8 pm. Stayed in bed till about 10, and once again I could not find Spook anywhere. I even jiggled the sofa.

Tried one of those Fisherman's Friend cough drops. WAY too strong, like Altoids, only moreso.

Got email from *$s reminding me I only had another 2 weeks to use my free drink credit. Used their app to remind me what locations are nearby and found the one next to the AMC cinema at Mercado. That is usually a prime eye candy spot, because most people are coming from dates to the movies.

Got there about noon, was amazed that both tables near the front which have power outlets were free. Got a venti frapuccino, set up the laptop, and attempted to do some updates. One of the things I wanted to do was download the latest firmware for the webcams, because the new HD cam was not letting me see the other cams in its GUI. But downloading was so slow, I ran speedtest to see what was going on, and the wi-fi was at a crawl. May as well not have it. So I finished the frapp and went home.

Set up the laptop in the livingroom, and spent an hour updating 7 cams. I messed up the HD one, loaded part A before part B, which turned out (reading the instructions) to make the GUI inaccessible. Had to do a hard reset, take the cam down and plug it into the router directly, and make all the settings what I wanted.

But now it all works.

Also updated Norton and Flash player. Itunes and Quicktime still want to update, but they never make any improvements with those, so it can wait.

Sometime during my outing, Spook moved to her hole in the office space. Little by little as I was working on the laptop, she came out and by the time I was done and watching the Husky football team melt down on TV, she was wandering all over the house, playing with every toy:
Stuffed banana
Cloth ball
cloth monkey
cloth octopus
Stuffed burlap square
Small white ball inside a circular track
Brush (she tried to eat the bristles)

And she let me pet her, but she still freaks when I stand up and walk toward her.

In the mail was the permit for the air conditioner. They do it backwards - after the work is done, it is inspected and the permit is issued.

7 pm, drove downtown SJ to San Pedro Square to see The Immigrant  which starred the music director from Little Shop. He got to sing a little, but mostly there were a lot of small bursts of Yiddish. It's the unlikely story of a Russian Jew who comes to a small town in Texas, pushing a wheel barrow of bananas. A Christian couple rent him a room, help him settle into town, and so on.

As a play, it sucks. Way too many scenes, most scenes took as long to set up as it did to run. Only 4 people, would have worked better with the children and maybe one of the nosy neighbors - all referred to in the script. As a story, it's pretty good. The characters have some depth, but we are often caught saying WTF? because something isn't justified by what we know. There are a couple of way too long voice-overs as the immigrant stands frozen in a spotlight while his wife, in another spotlight, mimes reading a LONG letter from him.

Worth going to to support my friend (I was in the same row with his wife & fan club) but I wouldn't recommend it.

Back home, Spook was parked on the living room window ledge, which she came down from when I played TMZ from Tivo. She sat on the carpet 3 feet from me and watched. The surround sound confused her. Eventually she got bored and played with her toys again.

So, lots of progress.

Plans for tomorrow:

Hopefully play with Spook some more. Maybe go to Starbucks and take the Nexus and just read from the Kindle app which doesn't need wifi.
See a movie?
Nah, more likely watch football at home.

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