Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Did Some Stuff, Didn't Do Some Other Stuff

Realized the 49er game was on after it was on for an hour, but I record it on Tivo and it is much better to watch later when I can FFF past the commercials and FF to mute the commentators and move things along.

So I went to the nearest 7-11, got some cash from the ATM (local CUs have a deal which makes 7-11 ATMs free), then went to get my nails done. Then next door, bought a sticky bun and a cinnamon bun from Specialty's, to go. Hate the ungrammatical name, and do not like the tast of anything lunch-like they make there, but the sticky buns are amazing. I would have bought 2, but they only had 1 left. Lots of eye candy, but I did not have my Nexus with me, and didn't want to haul out my laptop.

Home, watched the 49ers until about the 3rd quarter when they stopped playing like an NFL team and tried their best to give the game away. FFed to the final play, which was their winning field goal, and even though it was a win, it was ugly and I am not a happy fan. In fact, resigning my fandom, after four games of 2nd half no-show and repetitive misuse of Gore Up The Middle™, especially on 1st down. Even the worst teams see that coming and stuff it.

The Raiders lost again but at least they are making an effort.

Seahawks remain my home team, they showed up with the whole team for the first time in a few weeks, and dealt the NY Giants a 38-17 loss.

A theater friend I admire from when she was in TheatreWorks and Palo Alto Children's Theater, and has decided to wrap up a very successful career in Hollywood and start a business, has managed to get Andronico's snobby grocery chain to carry her organic stevia-sweetened lemonade. It was developed for kids, so is in those little boxes with the straw attached. So I took a field trip, was disappointed that it was not on display, but did find it next to some of the other lunchbox juices, and bought two 6-packs. I figured if I didn't like it (which was a strong possibility, since I don't usually like lemonade) I could gift it to the break room at work.

Home, it was dark early. I took out the trash & recyclables, and turned on Sunday Night Football. Watched the Packers destroy Da Bears. Was mildly disappointed that they didn't go for the final touchdown from the 3-yard line, but 55 points was enough to win, so no harm done.

Decided I had too much on the credit card to buy a freezer. I could use something more than the one on the bottom of the fridge. It has two shelves, which work great for frozen dinners, but the rest is a big, deep basket which sucks for organizing.

Spook stayed out of sight all day. Just as I was about to write this in the present tense, she signaled me that she was out by playing with her rather loud ball-in-the-circular-track toy. After staring at me for a bit from outside the office door, she retreated to the livingroom window sill. And now she's in the middle of the livingroom floor grooming herself, which she does a lot of when she is out, and I love it because she is a very clean kitty and that white fur sets off the other colors so well when it is clean.

In the background I am running a full backup of my RAID array to the 8TB network drive. The RAID array is where all my big files are (photos, videos, docs, spreadsheets and Pagemaker stuff). Started that at about 10 am, it's almost done. I had been doing incremental backups based on a full backup in April, but all those files made me nervous, so I redid my backup scheme to run a full backup and incrementals for two months, then start another "chain" and go back and forth with only the two current sets saved.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call my broker, cash out some of my mutual finds to pay down most of my credit card debt. This was something planned months ago to deal with the London trip, but it's also going to pay for a new camera and lens. That was almost as expensive as my hotel bill.
Team meeting
Boss' boss' group meeting
There may also be actual work to do
MNF (I am starting to miss BASFA, because I have an engagement gift for johnnyeponymous, but he often is a no-show or disappears about the time I arrive.

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