Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Hidden Treasure

Baba Neo
311 Moffett Bvd.
Mountain View

Today I worked from home, didn't get outside except to get the mail, and decided to go out for dinner to make up for feeling cloistered. My first thought was Sizzler, but then I remembered this place I had been meaning to try for years - it's near the corner of Moffett Blvd and Central Ave., and I pass it almost every day.  Plus it says Malaysian food on the sign, and after Thai, that's my fave.

It's in a mini shopping center which features The SuperMercado, a laundromat, take-out pizza, dentist, jeweler (I mean joyería), mini-mart, and lots of parking.

Outside it doesn't look like much, but inside it is elegant. Dark wood furniture, votive candles lit on each table, white tablecloth covered by white paper place mats. Staff in black pants & white shirts.

The menu is impressive. All the best Thai, Malaysian and Chinese appetizers and main dishes, and six or seven different desserts (not counting several flavors of ice cream). I had Roti Chanai as an appetizer - it's a flaky fried round bread served with curry sauce on the side for dipping. I used to make special trips to Malaysia for it when I lived in southern Thailand. In Israel, the bread is called Malawa. They did it to perfection. Next time I'll have two. For drinks I had Malaysian Iced Tea, which is the same as Thai Iced Tea, except the tea is more bland - probably black tea.

The main dishes spanned every kind of meat, seafood and vegetable found in SE Asia, and it took me 10 minutes to decide. There were just so many things that looked good. I chose Char Kway Teow- it was Kwetio (aka Quetiaw) noodles - broad flat rice noodles - sauted in oyster sauce, with sauted mixed seafood poured on top. Mussels, shrimp, squid, maybe clams. Delicious. They put the teaspoon's worth of red pepper paste off to the side of the plate, so you didn't have to burn off your taste buds unless you wanted to.

They were out of the most tempting dessert on the menu -Onde Onde, so I went for my second choice, Pulut Hitam, which was described as black sticky rice with coconut milk on top. I was expecting a square of something that looked like solid rice pudding, very dark purple in color. What I got was a small bowl of what looked like purple rice porridge with some milk on top. It was okay, just not as good as what I'd pictured.

The service was excellent. The food was delivered quickly and in the right order, and the staff didn't bother me with silly questions when my mouth was full. They did keep an eye out for when I was ready for my next course.

I'll definitely go there again. Probably with a friend.

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