Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Progress on many - okay two - fronts

Up with the alarm and thanks to not lallygagging or any other kind of gagging, I made it to work before 9, for no apparent reason. Spook was in hiding when I left.

The bug I had been chasing since Friday afternoon seems to have been fixed, but it took all day to feel comfortable signing off on it. The engineer from the other side of the QA dept. who filed it gave me some much needed clues.

There was an event to celebrate the company opening the building next door, which had been under renovation for more than a year. My team is staying in the old building (they renovated the facade but we still have the dingy old carpets and inadequate lighting). I was busy, but the real reason I ignored it was twofold:
1. It would have been nice to move into a building designed to be an electronics lab
2. Pizza is not my idea of a celebratory lunch

I went to the Korean Chinese buffet, and started with the sushi.

Straight home, nothing I really needed to shop for and maybe Spook would come out early.

And she did, she was out when I came in. We played with the laser dot, and she took out some of her aggression on the little monkey toy. Treated it like a captured mouse. And she played soccer with the little felt ball. She let me pet her a lot, but the two times she let me close enough to pick her up she wriggled and jumped away. And came back for more petting. It's going to be a long time before she is a lap cat, if ever.

Dinner was a pot pie, while watching two foorball games on ESPN 2,345 and ESPN U. One of them had truly annoying commentators, but the other featured a pair of local (to the home team) announcers who would stop talking when they had nothing to say, and never got shrill.

Spook is in the livingroom as I write this, stretched out across the plane of the office door so she can show me how beautiful she is. What a diva.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call Nine Lives and let them know the calico formerly known as Juno is now called Spook, and she's a keeper.
Maybe some produce shopping

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