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Put two pairs of hard drives and my old laptop on eBay yesterday. Someone in NJ just did the buy-it-now thing on the laptop for $400, which is great because (a) it's a good machine for that price and (b) Gateway would only give me $250 on a trade-in. Meanwhile, I took the new laptop to work, and got some compliments on it. It's pretty thin for a 15+" screen machine, nice display too. And way fast. I can't wait for Microsoft Vista to be supported on it since it has a 64-bit CPU.

Tonight I added my old ASUS P4C800 motherboard to the listings, complete with 3.2GHz Pentium 4 and 1GB of RAM. I figure it will nab me about $200 if I'm lucky. But components usually don't sell as well as full-blown computers these days. On the other hand, they are a lot easier to ship.

And in other news, tonight I went online at bbb.org and filed a complaint against ASUS, which refused to repair another motherboard under warranty. They wanted to charge $40 to fix a bent CPU socket pin, as if they never ship any bent pins from the factory. A bent CPU socket pin would certainly account for the intermittent won't-boot-up problem I was having with that board. I bought a replacement at Fry's, and it works fine - same make & model, but no bent pins.

Now that I've gotten off my butt to do some eBaying, a quick excavation of my closet reveals six display and/or capture cards I've been meaning to sell. One is seriously used, the others either didn't work with the software I wanted to use, or lacked some feature I had expected them to have. And one I'd bought to use with Windows x64, but they didn't have drivers for it. I have since reverted to Windows XP Pro, but like the card I bought for x64 better.

Went to the local sushi place for lunch today. Not worth reviewing, except for the name: Java Sushi, and the waitress whose shift was over just after my meal was delivered. She led with her tits. Which is somewhat amusing because she didn't have much in that department. Watching her rush out the door to hop into her vehicle, she definitely looked very good from the other side.

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