Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

My Last Day Before Ringo's Song

Used to be people retired at 65 and didn't live much longer. These days maybe I'll have enough in my 401k to retire at 80. Not that they will let me work that long.

Got to work at my usual 9:30-ish, after a quick scan of things to do, there were none. I managed to look busy, though. It took about an hour just to write my weekly report, and while writing it found some things I could have been doing, but I'll need them for next week.

Lunch at Yo Yo Sushi in the Mercado. Still have not checked out the Walmart food store which took the space MicroCenter had occupied. This would actually be my closest grocery store as there is nothing in my immediate neighborhood. Stoopid city planners did not plan for a real supermarket, all we got is a Fresh & Easy, which is not easy at all since all the stations are self-check, and none of them work intuitively, so they have to keep manager-level cashiers on hand to help.

Anyhow, Yo Yo is a nice place, and it was good to see more people than usual taking a late lunch.

Home, because I had a Project. Over the past couple of weeks I have been saving naval orange rinds, and tonight was the night to thaw them, soak them, cut them into strips and boil them in sugar water to make candied orange peel.

I mis-remembered the water:sugar ratio, and wound up pouring all the sugar I had into way too much water. When I looked it up (too late) it was 2:1 sugar:water, not 1:1. I had put 16 cups of water in the pot, and probably 16 cups of sugar, or pretty close. It really needed 8 cups of water for that much sugar. A package of sugar is 8 cups. I used two packages. Less, because one package was already down 3 cups. So I threw in some powdered sugar.

Boiled them for 2 hours, they looked pretty good and are now cooling on a sheet of waxed paper over a pair of cooling racks. Sometime this weekend I'll boil the sugar water way down, maybe freeze it but there isn't much room in the freezer.

On the Spook side of things, she almost let me hold her tonight, she has claimed the sofa with its matching throw as one of her places

And she also played chase the dot, and rotary pet-me. She still hides in corners, but mostly when I'm home she hides where I can see her.

Plans for tomorrow:
Become 64. Actually I was born at 3:20 am in NYC so I'll be older by the time I post this, it being 12:20 Pacific.
Play with the cat
Go to Lowe's and find out what it would take to get adequate lighting over the stove
And maybe a freezer. An upright. I don't understand horizontal freezers unless one is hiding a body
Maybe see a movie

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