Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
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Wasn't sure if I was actually going until I went. Friends from Seattle invited local friends & family to breakfast in Menlo Park. They were on their way back from visiting folks in Marin. The almost didn't go was because
- I don't do breakfast
- All of our mutual friends had other plans
- After yesterday, staying in bed seemed like a good plan

Turned out to be okay, though the place was very noisy, we were seated in a far corner with one round table pushed against a square one. 9 people in a space for 8. Right behind me was the bus table, so I could only hear the people right next to me until after we were done eating, when we were able to switch around.

It was cloudy and chilly outside, but not threatening rain. Went home with stops at Home Depot and Lowe's. I needed a small screw and a pair of light bulbs for the kitchen's built-in microwave (I lost a screw removing one of the burned-out bulbs). HD had the right screws, but not the bulbs.

Took a look at freezers, too. I have a space which is 24" wide, but 26" could work, and that's the smallest they seem to have. $500 includes delivery. I'll have to think about it.

In Spook news, she has regressed a bit, spent most of the day curled up on the floor by the wall, under the living room windows, out of reach. She sometimes let me pet her, but sometimes ran away.

She did make an appearance in the bedroom when I went to take a nap at about 4. She looked like she wanted to jump up on the bed, but not while I was there. A couple of times she attacked the corner of the comforter.

Watched the 49ers game on Tivo delay. Once again, the offense was lame, but this time the defense was excellent, and the team won.

Baked some fish sticks and crab cakes for dinner, the smoke alarm in the bedroom went off, though there was no smoke. Or maybe there was, from the earlier sugar syrup spill on the range. I made another batch of candied orange peels the other day, and it boiled over, spilling a quart of thick orange sugar water onto the burner wells and under the top panel. Took hours to clean up, and maybe some dripped into the oven.

Watched the Patriots slam the Colts after a broken start.

The Christmas ads are in full swing. Disgusting.

Plans for tomorrow:
BASFA, since MNF will be all stupid Geico ads and Christmas ads. And I'm tired of seeing all the sidelines staff in Army green hoodies.

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