Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

It has been a long 2 days

Yesterday wasn't much to talk about. Work included some actual work, went home and petted Spook when she let me, which is always highly unpredictable. Went to BASFA with a container of candied orange peels to auction off, and engagement presents for the Veep and his SO, but they were no-shows, and will be no-shows again next week, and the treasurer, who usually does auctions and would have done a fine job of auctioning me off for my birthday, was busy moving. Just about 9 pm the reviews got into such minutiae and back and forth between one guy who knows far too much than an adult should about SF movies, and a gal who knows far too little but that doesn't stop her from interrupting. And then there was the on person who decided to share her cold with us. So I went to the loo and never went back to the meeting.

Home, my phone was failing to do a major update, after 20 minutes of downloading, and I blamed it on it being unlocked and rooted. So I went online to see how to unroot it, and ended up bricking it. At 2 am I finally decided to give it a rest when the instructions online from three different sources failed, as well as the Samsung restore utility which couldn't even find my phone.

Sleeping on it helped. This morning I looked up another site which showed how to unbrick the phone, and after a couple of ham-fisted tries it worked. But then the Samsung keyboard app kept crashing, and there seemed to be no way to get it to stop, so I did a factory reset. Everything is backed up at Google, or on the SD card, so for the rest of the day I was straying on wireless networks and letting the phone download everything, and little by little built up the screens the way I wanted them. The Samsung keyboard app kept failing, but by then I was able to pull up the app store and get a free 3rd party keyboard, and that let me disable to default Samsung one.

In between I got some work done. I had brought a small tub of candied orange peels with a label identifying the chef, and left it by the coffee machine. Got lots of compliments on them, and they were almost gone by the end of the day. Should be all gone before lunch tomorrow. I still have plenty in the fridge.

Big 5 sporting goods, looking for blue ice. All they had were the bags, which may last a week if I'm lucky. Also got some runner's socks, because the heat rash is back on my feet, even after changing to ventilated shoes. Sports Authority had nothing.

Home, ordered blue ice from amazon, watched an episode of Shark Tank, eventually nuked some dim sum for dinner, after a lot of searching the web for the words to one of my favorite Thai songs. I want to do a translation of it for the songwriter's group. It doesn't rhyme, most Thai songs don't, I'm not sure if that will work in English. Anyhow, after not finding any, I went into the music room, followed by Spook, who had never seen that door open before, and got down on the carpet to find the CD. It took a while. I had two rows of Thai CDs, and they were not in any order. I was surprised at how many I had. A few years ago I went on a binge, buying compilations online, and then buying CDs of the artists I liked best. Some of them are very good, and a few times I "discovered" singers who are big stars now.

Found it, on the last CD I figured it would be on. It's called Love Song In The Wind, sung by Tata Young, and for some strange reason it's on her Dangerous album. The music is gorgeous, the composer plays the amazing piano accompaniment, and did the tasteful arrangement. It's a kind of a torch song, and begins by saying something like "Listen inside the wind that blows across, coming every time" and ends "This one love song" and she blows gently across the mike. Except in Thai it's reverse word order: Music love this single" more literally.

Anyhow, I scanned it to PDF and JPG and printed it, but I need to double space it and put the English between the lines and also could really use Thai scanning software so I could double check my translation.

And while I was doing that, the phone failed to update again. Fooya.

Plans for tomorrow:
Figure out the next step in this translation. It could be buying the karaoke DVD. If there is one.

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