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On short sentence, then moving on

Ferguson grand jury was a bunch of racist cowards punting the responsibility to another bunch of racist cowards. There will of course be the obligatory federal suit for denial of civil rights, but by the time it comes to court everyone will have forgotten, and a dozen more cops will have shot people to death because they have never been, and never will be, trained to shoot to capture, and not to kill.

Other than that, how was my day? Glad you asked. Got to work at a reasonable hour, magically had a new machine to work with, and was able to close one bug, not close another one, and file two new ones. But most of the day after the morning meeting was spent setting up a video input port and sending one program to a video output port and playing the output on my PC. Repeat for the 6 ports which were configured on the network correctly.

Lunch at Boston Market. Have not been there in a while, and it is easy to see why so many have closed. The chicken pot pie was good, but would have been better if the pan had been lined with pastry instead of left bare aluminum. The pastry dome was yummy. It was all dark meat, which I happen to like, but happen to know is the cheapo way out. Huge soft drink cup - plastic, good for many refills. Corn bread was small and dry and cold.

Another meeting after lunch, which I expected all the testers to attend, but it was just me, boss, boss' boss and the lead tester. Very interesting, but the prognosis for the project is not good. And there isn't much we can do about it.

Finished the day writing up the bugs, and trying to replicate one more but ran out of time. My one machine is shared with the night shift.

Home by way of Home Depot, returned the Wink hub. The returns clerk was a mute, maybe also mostly deaf, but he did okay. They are already set up with 6 return stations for the holidays, but only two workers. Or one and a half, if you count the fact that the mute guy is not always going to be able to complete the transaction himself.

Home, turned on MNF, hunted for the almost-over (4 minutes to go) Jets game, but by the time I found something it was the Sports Center wrap up. The game was not broadcast here. Back to MNF, Ravens/Saints was a good game, but NOLA was definitely not playing up to their potential. They only lost by 7, but that last Saints TD was a case of 1 minute left, Ravens cornerback didn't bother to prolong the game by tackling the receiver before he reached the end zone.

Dinner was egg rolls. Chocolate fudge ice cream for dessert. And milk. Lactose-ectomized. DHL knocked on the door, made me drop the remote. Actually he rang the bell, which they rarely do. It's set as a door knock sound effect. It was a pile of music CDs I'd ordered from Thailand. Every now and then I buy a bunch of random compilation CDs and if there's an artist/song I like, come back later and buy th album it's on, if any. Many of the compiled CDs are made of audition tapes re-mastered in a studio, one track per singer, and the singer doesn't have full set of songs for a CD yet. There's a durt New and Jew who had one gorgeous song on a comp CD and it was a year before their album came out, and it was actually a bunch of tracks recorded live at various shows they were part of. Now they have 3 or 4 CDs and are quite famous in Thailand.

And while I'm thinking about it, the way I discovered Tata Young, who sings the love song I posted yesterday, is I heard on the radio (some SF station) a really nice rendition of Cinderella, which was a cover of a Cheetah Girls song, but I liked this one far better, so I did some research and was blown away that the singer was not American, but Thai. American father, Thai mom, born in Thailand and raised in Bangkok bilingual. On her albums there are songs in which she flips between Thai and English as if they are one language, it's really impressive, she has no foreign accent in either. She also sings in Japanese and Hindi.

In Spook news, she is still having a ball playing with her toys, and I've started to train her to be icked up and held. And she still doesn't like it. Her latest thing is fighting my feet when I'm watching TV. I wear birkenstocks around the house, so that can get painful. Training her to attack the shoe, not the foot.

Plans for tomorrow:
Listen to some Thai CDs
Veg at home

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