Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

I lied

One more thought about Ferguson, from my expert knowledge as holder of many shooting medals. Pulling the trigger once, maybe twice can be self-defense. Twelve times is murder.
And in other news, Obama still sounds to me like a hand-cranked talking doll. I really miss having a President who can say an entire sentence without. pausing at. odd. places which do. nothing to. enhance the message.
So, Tuesday, feels like Monday II. Dragged into the office to find the new machine I'm sharing with India was inaccessible. Couldn't even get to it by the serial connection in the back. Emailed the team, got a message that it happened when my favorite engineer in India gave a command which is a routine part of our automation tests. She should have let us know when it happened.

One of the lead engineers here managed to bring it back from the undead. Spent most of the day little by little adding more and more video inputs and outputs, but it was a chore because that feature is not quite ready for prime time. Or even creature features.

Chatted with my middle sister, who is on the east coast and expecting anywhere from 0 to 14 inches of snow tomorrow. And she cleared up a mystery for me about Thanksgiving. I have no recollection of T-day being anything special while I was growing up. She's the keeper of family history, so I asked her if this was true, or halfsheimers. She agreed that we didn't do Thanksgiving. It wasn't a day for the clans to gather. We did that a month later, going to grandparents' or cousins homes for Hanukkah. We have photos of that. Once in a while Mom might cook a turkey on turkey day, but it was no big deal. Also, none of us were interested in football until we moved to the west coast, away from the rest of the family.

So in a nutshell, I'm not feeling the need to be at a T-day dinner because it isn't a Thing for me or my family.

Lunch was the salad bar at Sizzler, which also has yummy non-spicy fried wings.

Straight home after work. Spook is playing hard to get, but I did pick her up and she sort of let me rub some schmutz away from under her right eye.

The Panda is leaving SF. Kind of a shock. The biggest surprise to me is another team would pay top dollar for him. For most of the year he's below average, a lot of that is because he lets his weight go to hell in the off season, and doesn't get back in shape until the playoffs. He went to Boston, which didn't make the playoffs in 2014. I give it a year before he is traded.

Plans for tomorrow:
I have Thurs-Sun off. No plans.

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