Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

College fight songs

Watching a replay of a Notre Dame game, they have a very good band, maybe more trumpets than they really need, but still good. Touchdown scored, band plays the fight song, brings back memories. UW marching band had parodies for some of the teams we played, ND was one of them. Took me a while to remember the words

Beer, beer for old Notre Dame.
Bring on the cocktails, we want champagne
Send the freshmen out for gin,
Don't let a sober sophomore in.

We never stumble, we never fall.
We sober up on wood alcohol.
As our loyal faculty
Lie drunk in the study hall!

But the one I don't have to think about is Oregon

In the mighty state of Oregon
Where the men of steel are found
With the coeds in the bushes
Making love upon the ground
This goes on till early morning
When the cops break up the fun
There'll be a military wedding
For the sons of Oregon
- Shotgun!


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