Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Four Day Weekend Coming Up

Today work was mostly playing with the new machine and seeing the many and varied ways it crashed. I was able to get all 8 ports streaming video, and there's a cute feature which I don't think is official yet but works, which displays a thumbnail of each video, a snapshot image which is supposed to refresh from time to time.

Lunch was at China Stix, which at 1:30 was so crowded they put me all by myself in their smaller banquet room, which had wrapped up a smaller banquet at 1 or so. After a few minutes an older couple was seated across the room. When my cashew prawns was served, the waiter said kung pow prawns, which is when I noticed that the sauce was wrong for cashew prawns, the same color as kung pow but without the chili peppers.  

As I was finishing my meal a small army of workers noisily cleared those tables and set them up for dinner. No tip this time. I think I need to cross them off my list, now that the shopping center has been rejuvenated with a Target, Sprouts and gigantic parking lot, they have more business than they can handle.

Walked a few feet to Baskin & Robbins and had a scoop of almond jamocha fudge. They charge as much for one scoop as Safeway charges for a whole container.

Walmart supermarket on the way home, stocking up on lactose free milk, egg nog, and things with chocolate in them. I have plenty of food to last the weekend, from my last visit.  Tomorrow there is football from 9 am to about 9 pm, I may never leave the house.

Friday and Saturday I will probably see some movies. On the list of possibles, in no particular order,  are:

Big Hero 6
Gone Girl
Penguins of Madagascar

Other suggestions are welcome. I don't usually see a lot of movies. Not planning on seeing the next Hobbit movie, far too violent.

Have been rereading Catch-22 on the Kindle app. I didn't remember it as being so non-chronological, but that's probably because I am also remembering the movie, which fixed that. I remember it as not being particularly well written, and that's still true. Not a lot of belly laughs. Many character names are juvenile. One is actually censored. 

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe have a turkey pot pie for one of my meals
If the day is as nice as it was today, sit around on the porch
Open up the laptop and see if I have the tools to upgrade the hard drive. I don't remember if it an SSD or physical discs. I want to replace it with an SSD at least twice its size.
Check Amazon, if the prices have gone down for the day, buy the drive and a replicator. 

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