Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic


Mindless entertainment tonight was the smash hit Hairspray which I think I Netflixed because of its diverse cast.

Ricki Lake
Jerry Stiller
Sonny Bono
Deborah Harry
Leslie Ann Powers
Pia Zadora

I enjoyed it, as mindless entertainment. There was some very good dancing in there, and some real stupid choreography mixed in with the good stuff. The casting is a mixture of excellent and "what were they thinking?". For example, Ricki Lake as the best white dancer in Baltimore? Gag me. On the other hand, Divine is perfect as the 2-ton mother of Ricki's character, and she is also amazing as the 2-ton owner of the TV station. Pia Zadora is sexy and a hoot as a beatnik chick, and Deborah Harry plays the mother of the debutante as badly as a director could ever ask for. Sonny Bono played (badly) her husband. Jerry Stiller plays Divine's. I thought Leslie Ann Powers was someone else, but according to IMDB, this was her only movie. In fact, I find nothing at all about her on the web, except for this movie. Hmmm.

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