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Late Again

Missed yesterday. After the weekly team meeting there was not much work to do, mostly install new builds and babysit the machines they are on.

So what to do while babysitting? Open a browser and CyberMondayShop. Did not find anything to buy. I really wanted to replacer the Bose foldable mobile headphones which were stolen in Ventura, but they have been discontinued and the sale price for the slightly larger replacement is $149. Come to think of t, I bought those on eBay, I suppose I should look there. What I found online and at Fry's is no one makes portable noise-canceling over-the-ear headphones which have a mike. Most of the noise canceling ones are studio phones, with no mike. There are earbuds, but I have a pair of those from Bose. Not noise-canceling except they have that effect doubling as ear plugs. And now that I think about that, why am I looking for headphones when I have those?

Meanwhile, the rain just started up hard enough to hear through the well-insulated wall and double-pane windows. I am not a big fan of rain, the "we need it" is bogus, because the drought will be over when the mountains get enough snow for the melt-off to fill the reservoirs, not when my below sea level garden gets drowned. In plain English, let it snow in the Sierras, and leave us here in the valley alone.

Last month I was sent a two-installment supplemental property tax bill, totaling slightly over $1k, which I paid last week. Monday in the mail was another pair, for about $300. WTF? I tried to phone the tax collector's office this morning and again this afternoon, but it immediately switched to the country switchboard, and put me on hold. After 10 minutes both times I gave up. I expect that them being way late has the phones backed up for days. And I'm pretty sure this was supposed to go to my lender, to pay from escrow.

The CD/clock/radio I got at Target is a FAIL. The display's dim setting is bright enough to read by, and the button are on top, and tiny, and not well labeled. Nice CD sound, though. I played a small stack of CDs from a friend, and it did them justice. Doug was in a children's play with me at the UW when we were both considering being drama majors, and that was the only show non-majors could try out for. And it was directed by the head of the drama department. A few months later when I directed Arsenic And Old Lace  for the student drama group, he was cast in a small part, and then we lost our leading man, and he was shuffled up one notch. The guy who was amazing at auditions for Dr. Einstein told me no, he just auditioned for fun, so I cast a woman in the role. Arlene and Doug are now married and living in Bend, OR. And she found me on FB a while ago, which is how I got Doug's CDs. They are actually pretty good. Most of them are instrumentals, showing off his guitar skills (his last name is Hendrix, but I don't think he and Jimmi are related). I'm not a fan of rock guitar, but the parody songs are spot on.

Last night was sleepless. Did not manage to zzzzzzzz until after 3 am, and was mostly dead at work. And there was work to do, which luckily was the kind I could do in my sleep.
Lunch was at the newly remodeled Bennigan's near Great America, and while the new furnishings and layout are a WIN, the leaky ceiling is a FAIL. Best bread pudding since New Orleans. Baby back ribs were so-so. WTF is the Mexican waiter addressing me as "señor" in an Irish pub. Otherwise he was great, got a good tip.

At about 4 I was so fading that I parked my butt in the very soft sofa in the break room and settled down with a diet Coke® and a Butterfinger®, and waited for people to show up to play pool. Nobody showed until almost 5. And they played ping pong instead. Too noisy for me, so I finished the day at my desk, CyberTuesdaying. Well, actually, I looked for a remote controlled stand-alone switch. I have a project, which is to build a switch for the surround sound center speaker so I can remotely turn off and on the blabbering commentators during football games. I finally found one on a site in Taiwan, it will take most of a month to get here. Meanwhile I think Radio Shack may have something. All the remote switches I saw at Fry's needed to be plugged into AC, or were for garage door openers. It's a very simple project, so I don't want to spend much, or do much cannibalizing. Hmmm. Maybe I should try Halted. Or Weird Stuff.

Spent some time on Youtube listening to different versions of Tom Smith's A Boy And His Frog. I had posted Rich Fantasy Lives yesterday on FB after it had come up on my ipod in the car, making driving dangerous. I wanted to go from ose to more ose. Found many versions. All good. I think it is ironic that the two Tom Smith songs I like best are his ose ones, when all in all I love most his quick with and comedy genius. Ironic because when I was a kid I used to cringe because at the end of every Borscht Belt comic's set, he would launch into some emo story or song. As if "leave 'em laughing" was against their religion. Tom will always follow his ose songs with something cheerful. Though I understand that he discovered that Rainbow Connection, while the most appropriate follow-up, left the audience in even more tears.

Finished the day downloading the pages for the Sony AV system I have, which includes instructions on how to adjust the speaker volumes individually.

Home, the rain was down to a drizzle, and whatever was being kicked up by cars' tires.

Sat down with the Sony remote, but it turned out I remembered correctly that it was a long, tedious process to turn the volume on the center speaker up and down. :-(

That done, got undressed and managed to compensate for sleep deprivation. Looking at the clock, I am close to there again. :-(

Woke up at 9, a better  CD/clock/radio was on the front porch which I'd ordered from Amazon. Set that up, and it is better but not perfect. There is no dimmer on the display, but it's segmented LEDs and not the backlit LCD of the other one. Easier to find the buttons, but the alarm setting needed RTFM because the way it works is you can't program it to wake to a particular preset, it will wake to whatever station (or CD track) it was on when you turned it off. Which is lame because I often don't turn it off. I like to have something playing as I go to sleep. I guess I should learn how to use the sleep timer.

While I was doing this, Spook was on the bed, arm's length away, watching, and occasionally offering advice. She has become more vocal lately, much better to hear a solid meow than the squeak she started with.

Online, one more search for A Boy And His Frog, and I stumbled on Jim Henson's memorial service, a clip of his favorite songs being sung by his cast members. And was surprised that they did not end with Rainbow, they ended with a song which was after my time, called Just One Person.

Plans for tomorrow:

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