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Now that I have the top 20 calendar photos identified, I was going to upload them to Costco, but before I do that I need to resize them, create a bottom border strip and put captions on them. The Goat photo will get 2015 and the photo credit superimposed, as it will be the cover. Costco doesn't do back cover thumbnails, so I don't have to worry about that. But I do have to worry about aspect ratio because the full image size on the calendar is 8.5x11 but the photos are 7.3x11. Which just got me to thinking that's easy to fix in Photoslop:
Open the photo
Resize it to 11" wide, keeping it to scale
Apply a canvas size of 8.5x11 with the image top centered

Voil! Now I have an 8.5x11 image in the right aspect ration, nothing lost, with a blank strip across the bottom for a caption. Yay!

Spook came to play when I made a pit stop at 5 am. She jumped up on the bed three or four times, walked across it, looked then leapt off. Once or twice she would lay down for  a few seconds before jumping.  This only lasted 15 minuets, then she decided the livingroom was more to her liking.

I was at work later than I wanted to be, but early enough to get a head start before the weekly meeting. Meeting was pretty standard.

Caught up on my Bangkok Post RSS feed, and on KOMO radio's. Or is it TV? Maybe both.

Lunch was at the Korean buffet, curiously named China China. I started with sushi.  Halfway through the meal the table nearest in my line of sight was abandoned by a HUGE man, and the next time I looked up, two old theater friends were there. They had not seen me, so when I was done, I went over to say hi. I mostly know them from Stanford's Gilbert & Sullivan group, but one has also worked with the San Jose G&S/Broadway group, and the other has also been in community musicals with me.

Back at work, got moving on a series of major copy and paste test cases. Had to copy from a linux window to a browser window, then run the test on linux and view the results in a Java applet. Does that make me poly?

Almost got done, I have one left, but it's the easy one.

Just before 6 I found the ESPN channel, and was reminded there was a football game to come home to.

Home, there was a mysterious package in the mail. No return address. The greeting card inside was not signed. No note. The handwriting was familiar on the address, but I had to look up the zip code. From my baby sister. Inside was the perfect mouse toy for Spook, and a catnip filled lobster toy. I gave Spook the mouse, and after an initial prodding and poking she lit into it real good. Batted it all around the kitchen, piano room and livingroom. And after a few "eeew! catnip!" faces, she has started carrying it around in her mouth. She is very vocal as she does all this. Way too cute.

Dinner was Boston Market frozen pot roast, as I watched Green Bay try very hard to give away a 35-point lead. They came way too close. Somewhere in there I heard a truck, he carport doorbell rang, and by the time I opened the door the truck was gone but there were to packages from JC Penny. Both are runner carpets for the hall, one 7' the other 5', 2 feet wide. Both from the same manufacturer, the same color. Rolled them out and neither was the blue pictured in the catalog, and they were very different colors. The long one is a light blue with some green, the short one is aqua. Rolled them back up, will take them back for a refund. If there's still a store to take them to. I think the nearest one may have closed. Nope, looked it up, they are open till 10.

Plans for tomorrow:
Home, because I'm expecting some packages. And maybe I'll process the top 20 photos


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