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Okay, Done. Twice. Three times. :-(

So as I usually do before uploading my photos to Costco to have the calendar made, I looked online for a service which will let me build the calendar online, put in my own holidays (Jewish for family & Thai for me), and saddle stitch so it mails flat (spiral binding costs more and requires a customs form for overseas). And I found one. So when I got home I filled out the order form, and it said I could upload the pictures after I paid. That sounded strange, but I paid, and then uploaded the photos, expecting to be able to add captions, but apparently I had gone to the wrong page which they will do all the work. I tried to do an online chat, but all it did was email them.

So I went to the right page, built a whole calendar, and then it said I would have to log in to save it, but when I logged in it was all lost.

Which is okay because I forgot the calendar dates, so I did it again, and saved it as a quote instead of as an order. So tomorrow I will phone them, cancel the first one and have them do the last one.

I love the cover. I did NOT use the goats. As popular as it was, it just did not meet my quality requirements. Not well composed, not the best angle, and the goat placement was not optimal. I went with a merge of two of the kid under the splash machine at the park.

Made a couple of changes to the inside photos. None of the flowers made the cut. I added a photo taken while going over the QE2 bridge, instead of the one with my cousin guarded by his cat.

There were enough world class photos for half a dozen calendars. One could be all flowers, another all cathedrals, and one all London, another all Ghent or Brussels. Ventura could have two.

Delivered today:
8x10 foot area rug. It's still rolled up because I need to wait till I can move a lot of livingroom furniture to put it in place. Sunday probably because Saturday will be mostly the Star Trek convention.
Coasters. Sandstone. To replace the 3 which no longer absorb anything.The one I used at dinner works well.
Samsung Tab 4 7-inch tablet, to replace the Nexus. Today I let the Nexus battery drain all the way, it took an hour to charge it enough to turn it on again. The Samsung arrived half charged. It downloaded an OS update, and is still slurping up apps from my Google stash. I love how any Android device will do this. It's slightly smaller than the Nexus, weighs about the same, slightly lower resolution.

Not delivered - the third JC Penny rug.
I pulled up the NOAA weather map, and it is pretty clear that we're not going to get a lot of rain here in the south bay. The Big Storm™ is being shunted to north SF, Marin and Mendocino by a high pressure area just offshore, parallel with San Jose.
It's pretty windy out there now, but there are no clouds. We'll see what we get tomorrow.

Work was frustrating because I was assigned a big list of tests, but only one of them can be done with the current network configuration. And I can't find it in the new, crappier than ever, test tracker system.

Lunch was Starbucks, where I confirmed that the little charging ring I bought there works on their powermats. Not sure why it doesn't work on mine, it's the same brand, same name.

Home Deport after work looking for runner rugs, but they only had rolls of unbacked stair runner. The kind that goes on bare floor. Mine is to throw on top of existing carpet.

I did find something on Amazon. It has been ordered.

I'm still waiting for a lot of things. A pair of folding chairs for the dining table, the Dell laptop from Costco which turns out to be from mainland China and just passed customs yesterday. In China. A dozen packs of Werther's sugar free caramels. A selfie stick also from somewhere in Asia. And also from China, a remote controlled switch.

Watched some TMZ. Spook is doing her bipolar routine, meowing at me to sit in the recliner and pet her, and then attacking, and then wandering off into a corner somewhere. This morning she was lying on the bed close enough to pet when I woke up for a 5 am pit stop, but she was gone when I got back. The bed is no longer something to be scared of, but it isn't her bed yet. In other bed news, there's a round cat bed which lives near the piano, against the far wall, and a few times yesterday and today it found itself under the microwave in the kitchen, about 10 feet away. All I know is it gets in her way when she is playing with a ball of string christmas tree ornament which is about the size of a softball. The new mouse toy is also seeing a lot of action. She brought it to me on the bed this morning when I was trying to do something online on the Nexus.

Plans for tomorrow:
Straighten out the calendar order
Thursday Night Football
Listen to whatever rain we get, maybe out on the porch.

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