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One Day Closer To Friday

Taking Wednesday off had the effect of waking up and thinking it was Sunday. So I stayed in bed till 8, but then the news came on the radio and they said it was Thursday, so I got up and did those things which eventually take me to work.

This morning's fun included wiping out the new machine's database and deleting all the stuff in the PC's java cache because a bug I had filed was not reproduced by engineering. I had replicated it five or six times yesterday, but with a database and java cache which had been beaten to death by a series of previous tests. Long story short, the machine behaved itself after that, except it showed me another issue which had already been reported, and is in the "is it a bug or a feature?" stage.

And then the project manager asked me to run a test overnight for something I'd bugged ages ago, and they think may have been fixed as the result of fixing a different, somewhat related issue. So that test is running now.

And looking at all my remaining assigned cases, they are all overnight tests (all 6 of them). Lip sync under various conditions. I am very good at seeing lip sync issues, but these tests want to measure how far off it gets over many hours. So I need to figure out what to do during the day.

Automation Guy says the party yesterday was worth missing. Very limited, cheap catered buffet similar to the company picnic. In the break room, and apparently no door prizes. At least he didn't mention any. The new company, unlike Moto, doesn't make anything which is door prize-able, unless you are starting a cable or satellite company in your home.

Togo's for lunch, had the Asian chicken salad, made with real Asian chickens. No eye candy at all.

Home after work because Thursday Night Football looked interesting, with the Titans and Jaguars 2-12 records on the line. And it was a good game. T's got ahead 10-0, Jags got back and won it 21-13. Both QBs threw some amazing long shots. After the game they showed a couple of pairs of players from opposite teams exchanging jerseys. Both #5's posed together. They looked like they could be brothers (they aren't).

Delivered during the day, separately, was the SSD and the RAM from Toshiba. Opened up the drive first, and it was the wrong one. But it was less wrong that the one I'd ordered online from Amazon last time. Installed the RAM, 8GB replaced 4GB, and the laptop showed a noticeable speed increase.

Went onto the Toshiba site, and there is nothing on there about RMAs or returns. No link, no nothing. There was stuff about repairs and tech support, and they said I could chat with a sales person to talk about what I wanted to buy. But nothing about returns. I sent email to the generic customer service address.

In the meantime, I had taken a photo of the drive in the laptop, and searched online, and it seems that it's the largest capacity made in the US for its size. There were some posts in Japanese which came up when I replaced "128" in the model number with "256" but nothing for "512".

So in something like desperation or wishful thinking, I went to their "customize" site and put together the equivalent of the current laptop, but with a real SATA 512GB drive and 16GB RAM, and it came to $2k. Same processor class, same screen size, same fingerprint scanner. Toshiba makes nice stuff, but that's ridiculous. Must be the Japan tax.

Maybe I'll go to Fry's and/or Worst Buys to get an idea of what other choices there are. HP failed because it is too heavy and the keyboard is unreadable. And it didn't connect to my fast wi-fi.

At work during a lull, I ordered the blu-ray DVD for Water For Elephants because I loved the book, and have heard good things about the movie, and the DVD cost less than renting it streamed from Amazon Prime. And it includes the streamed version.

Also ordered the bluetooth headphones which have been sitting in my cart for most of the week.

Plans for tomorrow:
Who knows? It may rain (today was cloudy but dry)

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