Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Woke up at 10:45 am from a deep sleep

After waking up at 7:30 for no apparent reason.

Went to Fry's, bought a bunch of stuff and spent most of the rest of the day using it to transfer files from the Toshiba laptop to the Lenovo. Found an app called Classic Shell which makes LOSEdows 8.1 switch to the Windows 7 interface by hitting the button formerly known as Start.

Installed Office 365, but Outlook is not letting me use my 4GB saved pst file as the data file. I can't see any reason it is telling me I don't have access to it, because I do. I may need to contact support. It works fine on Win7. Just one more way Microsoft tries to protect its users from doing anything useful.

Took a break in the afternoon to watch the Redskins squeak by the Eagles.

Took another break to meet Janice in MV for coffee. Cashier got my order very wrong, barista made it up to me. 

I won't bore you with details, but the Lenovo is very close to being functional. I was able to install file/settings transfer programs via the USB disk drive and a USB ethernet adapter. Removed a lot of bloatware. Unfortunately, the Toshiba fingerprint reader software keeps popping up, even though the Lenovo has no sensor. It doesn't appear in the programs list to uninstall. I suppose maybe it's running as a service? I should check that. 

I'm watching the 49ers game on Tivo, 12:45 am and it's only the 3rd quarter despite FF-ing through the replays and commercials. Something very odd is each 49ers play is replayed twice or three times, the Chargers' plays are not replayed at all unless there's an official challenge/review.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe football in the morning, but I need to be in Foster City by 1:30 for White Christmas, which is a musical by a Nice Jewish Boy From New York and has absolutely nothing to do with the Jesus festivus. One of the most talented and attractive women I have ever been in a show with is playing one of the sisters.
More stuff with the Lenovo

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