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The day off came at a fortuitous time. Yesterday I made an appointment for this morning to have my doctor's nurse take pictures of my mystery blisters. When I saw myself in th mirror this morning, in addition to the two small clusters of tiny blisters on my pinky and the back of my hands, here were massive clusters of red rash on the front of each shoulder. And my head was still all bumpy.

9:15 appointment, photos taken. Nurse expected to hear back from Dermatology late today or Friday.

Home, there was email from my doctor saying the three photos I had taken yesterday came through email as high quality, and she was sending them to Dermatology. She called to verify the symptoms, which the nurse had got wrong.

Made a late breakfast, three eggs over easy on a pair of pieces of garlic bread. Yummy with thyme and dill and freshly ground black pepper on the eggs. And Muenster cheese on the bread.

Noon-ish Dermatology called, they had 3 times available today, so I was back there at 1:30. Earlier, actually, but they were all at lunch till then.

Dermatologist looked me all over, and saw the little bumps all over my body. The ones on my head and hands and shoulders were obvious, but she saw little pinprick sized ones everywhere.

Without any itching, she said, we're probably looking at an allergic reaction. After thinking about it, Lunch Friday at Shabuway included some curried broth which I'd never had before, and a place I'd never eaten at before. Good candidate. She said the symptoms appeared to be at their peak, and there was nothing to do really except wait a week and see if it goes away. And to take shorter, not-hot showers using soap only in the areas on which one would put deodorant. Soap dries out the skin, and dry skin exacerbates this issue.

While I was there she checked a rash on my foot, saw fungus there, and told me to get rid of the cream I'd been prescribed and buy something else in the pharmacy, OTC cream. She said what I'd been using had the effect of slowing down but not killing the fungus.

And then I pointed out what I thought was an abrasion on my face where my sunglasses run, but she said it was sun damage, and she also found the two spots on my head which have been annoying me for years, and accused them of the same crime. So I said okay to her spraying them with liquid nitrogen, which will make them ugly for a week, and the peel off. This is a good week to be ugly, nobody will see it.

Home again, spent the day getting caught up on all my Tivo backlog. Set the machine to record tomorrow's Dr. Who Xmas Special. Yes, I;d given up on the show, but the yearly specials have always been in a league of their own, except the first Matt Smith one.

I also finally unpacked the way too expensive bluetooth nose canceling headphones and paired them with the phone. They played music nicely. But when I tried to pair them with my tablets, the tablets would not find them in a scan. I'll try them at work Friday, I think I'll keep them if they operate well with the phone in the very electronically noisy air of the office. I don't like playing music from the phone, and I don't know why that is. Oh yes I do. It's a spin-off of not wanting to keep the phone loaded with music from back when it didn't have 32GB of storage. I keep an iPod wired in the car for road tunes, because you can't wear stuff on your ears while driving. But for work there's no reason not to, since they can also switch to phone call mode.

So not being able to pair with the tablets becomes a non issue.

Dinner was a Marie Callender beef pot pie and for dessert some cherry chocolate chunk ice cream. Forgot to eat my orange, I shall do that early tomorrow.

In Spook news, I teased her by taking her favorite mouse toy and putting it on my lap while I was sitting in the recliner. She surprised me by jumping onto the arm, and playing with the mouse from there. First time she had gone up on the chair under her own power.

I was also online a lot today, scrolling deep into Facebook, because all the holiday crap hid the good stuff. Spook mostly parked herself on the top of the cat tree house. She also spent some time guarding me, and some time trying to eat the stack of printer paper.

Did my good deed, took for phone video clips from a friend and made them into a DVD. At her request, but still. Now I just need know how many copies she needs. I made & printed two, but I have an ISO file which can be used to mass copy.

No deliveries today. Disappointing, because I was expecting the NFL t-shirts today. UPS says the 1TB drive will be here Friday.

Plans for tomorrow:
sleep in
Eat that last orange
Make candied orange peels (I have peels from 5 oranges and some leftover sugar water)
Watch Water For Elephants
Watch the Dr. Who special, on Tivo delay so I can skip the ads
There apparently is no football tomorrow. :-(

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