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Not So Good Frai Dei

Today work was supposed to be a little more effort than average, since I needed to help the junior IT guy set up a dozen PCs in the big conference room for the class I'm teaching next week. Normally the senior IT guy does this, but he's gone to LA for Passover.

After I got all the machines unboxed (we rented them) and monitors, keyboards, mice connected, the question was how to run the power strips. We just moved to this building less than a month ago, had no wiring diagram, but it looked like, from the labels on the outlets, we had a single 15-amp circuit, and we needed to power up a dozen 5-amp machines, minimum.

Since it was Good Friday, a union holiday, we couldn't call an electrician in unless there was an emergency. So the Person In Charge Of Such Things called the emergency number saying we had no power at one outlet. A whole crew showed up, and they determined we needed about 5 20-amp circuits, and were given the okay to run those lines into the room. They did a quick job of running the wires and installing the boxes in the wall, but at about 2 pm or so they needed to go back to the shop for some stuff, so we didn't get to actually plug anything in till about 5.

At 7:30 I took off to get some boxes and stuff so I could ship the laptop and motherboard I'd sold on eBay, then came back at 8:30 and set up my two servers, and hooked them to a KVM switch plugged into the projector. I finally left at 9:30, the junior IT guy had not done anything in the classroom since 7, because the boss decided we needed to do something major on our corporate network.

Was planning on going to the Thai Buddhist temple for Songkhran, but with the trip to the PO, an errand in Sunnyvale and the classroom not done, I'll probably pop into work for a bit Saturday and go to the temple on Sunday.

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