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Got Stuff Done

Woke up with a relatively low blood sugar level, aka normal for most people, which made me feel a little out of it, but the brain kicked in and remembered (a) no work today and (b) Post Office main parking lot doesn't open till 10 am.  Went back to sleep, took my time getting up, and was at the PO a little after 10. The front gate was still locked and there were not free spaces, but the back gate was open, so I drove around. The door to the outside was unlocked so it was a short trip to the front door with all those calendars and the eBay box.

For the first time ever, the envelopes all fit through the mail slot in the lobby, so I didn't have to wait for the clerk to uselessly go through all 45 or so. I did have to wait in line to hand in the box, but there was only one person ahead of me and she just needed to pay for her passport.

Called Janice, left a message that I can make it to lunch/movie, and drove home. I had about 45 minutes to relax and pet the cat. Drove to Rice in Palo Alto, Janice was already there (rare, she is normally just on time or a little late), but it was closed. So we went to Green Elephant, a Burmese-Chinese place on the way to the movies. Good food, astonishingly sexy waitress in a tight cheongsam.

On to the theater, where we saw almost interminable trailers and then Unbroken. We sat too close to the screen, and between that and the very tedious and repetitious tale of horror and woe, I had a splitting headache in no time. The ending was fast forwarded with the use of tacky text on black background updates, plus a real life clip in color of the real man whose story this was. And a stunning portrait of him toward the end of his life, indicating he died this year, so probably did get to see the mostly finished product.

Technically there is a lot wrong with the movie - some horrible choice of angles in crucial scenes, choppy video editing, indecipherable dialog from the leading man and a few others. Jolie missed an opportunity to make the ending more poignant by splicing in scenes of his brother and parents in between the first person scenes. Probably missing from the book, too. Makeup was often slipshod. Imagine the face of a redhead who has been in the sun for almost two months. But all he had was a burst of what looked like acne. Main character gets punched in the face a bunch of times, all he has to show for it is a cut on his ear and some scratches.

Interesting choice of actors to play the sadistic prison commander. A Japanese rock star who made his fame & fortune as a member of a group similar to Kiss, if Kiss belonged to the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. They kept him mostly androgynous for the part, which I thought was rude. Photos of the actual person he is playing shows a pretty macho looking guy.

Not a movie I would have seen had I known more about it. I mostly went to see how good a director Angelina Jolie is, and the answer is "not very".

Home, still feeling headachy, tried to reheat leftover lunch for a snack while watching a bowl game, but that didn't work so I took a nap. Decided not to go to any parties. But I knew I had the makings of my traditional NYE's pigs in blankets, so I got that together. Except when I opened the dough, it had gone bad.

And I was out of egg nog. So I went in search of eggnog and dough. Fresh-n-easy had crescent tubes, which would work in a pinch, but no egg nog. I did get some bananas for my trip, though.

Lucky's was totally out of egg nog, all four rows were empty. But they had egg nog flavored ice cream, so I bought a carton. I spent about $40 on snacks for the trip and for work. And I found the frozen white bread dough I prefer to use for the blankets.

Safeway didn't even have a space for egg nog. WTF?

Home, by now it is after 10,  best to just stay home. Made the pigs in blankets, scooped some of the ice cream into the blender and added milk. That was an acceptable substitute after I added nutmeg. The ice cream was rippled with cinnamon. Wrong!

Watched some of the Orange Bowl while all this was happening.

And did some channel surfing at 11:30 to watch NYE programming. I liked the Ryan Seacrest one best, until the fireworks started, and then switched to local channel 4, which still has not learned that their view from the rooftop of some rich guy's building, which has a lit-up ferry building blocking most of it is sucky, and we don't care that that's where the station's party is. The views from on the bay and alameda looking west are killer, and they should stick to those. It was a long, impressive show this year, the first time in ages when the conditions were perfect.

Plans for tomorrow:
Plan out Friday's trip - maybe drive to Amtrak to see if there is parking. If not, I'll have to walk to light rail from home on Friday.

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