Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
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Quiet Day as planned

Once the throes of nerve poisoning had passed, I was out of bed and in front of the computer about noon. Played with Spook, she jumped up on the arm of the recliner a few times, almost sat on my lap. And I saw her do a standing 4-foot vertical leap from the kitchen floor to the top of the dining table. She is back to watching the world from the kitchen windows.

The aftermath of spraying RAID on the kitchen floor along the base of the island, under the microwave stand is about 100 black bugs came out to die. They look like fleas, but are bigger. Even after spraying, two of them ended up in Spook's water fountain. Took out the vacuum and cleaned them all up, and while I was at it also did all the floor edges, and the carpet on which the food and water towers sit.

I've been feeling tired all day, sort of. I'm okay until I sit down, and then my whole body wants to fall asleep.

About 2:30 pm, as planned, I drove the San Jose Amtrak and was surprised to see about 7 empty spaces in their little parking lot. There was a cop-like object ion a Smokey The Bear hat patrolling on foot. One reason there is so little free parking is CalTrain has greedily arranged for Amtrak to reserve about 1/4 of their spots for CalTrain employees. Infuriating, because CalTrain has three parking lots adjacent to the station which are never so full that they can't reserve a dozen for employees.

On the way there I saw the new Whole Foods was open, and since kevin_standlee had posted a clue about how they might have egg nog, I stopped in on my way home. I looked at the 7,286 varieties of milk-like substances in their mile-wide dairy cases, and while I saw almond milk, low fat chocolate soy milk, Organic free range non-fat milk and so on, there did not seem to be any egg nog. So I asked. The nice man I asked looking where the egg nog ought to be, did not see any, and went into the back to search. When he came out, it was with a quart bottle (not a cardboard box) of which there were three more. I had been staring at them thinking they were some kind of organic milk. By the time he came out, I had put on my glasses and discovered for myself.

Also bought a sourdough baguette and a container of mandarin orange slices (for tomorrow's trip).

Home, cut up half the sourdough, and opened one of the Milk Pail plastic wrapped pieces of very expensive sheep milk cheese, but it had gone bad. Luckily I had a second one in the fridge, it was still good, so that was my lunch-ish snack while I started to watch the Rose Bowl.

But the commercials got to me, so I put it into recording mode, and watched other TV and played online for an hour. Tangent time: I was an Allstate customer from the time I was 19 until last year. They gave me the best rates, and the couple of claims I had were resolved easily. But two things happened:
1. They would not insure my new house. They don't cover houses which sit on someone else's land. Especially movable ones. And when I asked them to set me up with a broker who did, they royally  messed it up, and had me paying too much for less than the full value, and they wanted almost double for flood insurance.
2. They started running these scare tactic ads where they hired a fairly handsome actor to play the part of "havoc". Poorly conceived campaign, and the opposite of their positive, long time  "good hands" ads.

Back to the TV, I fast forwarded through most of the instant replays and all the commercials. By now it is the 2nd half, and Florida State kept coughing up the ball. A couple of those times they literally handed the ball to a player in green. And almost each time, Oregon scored a touchdown. End result was a lopsided score. 59-20.

Plans for tomorrow:
Santa Barbara

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