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It was pretty chilly this morning when I left for the train station, and was looking forward to SoCal's warmth. Plenty of parking, and the train was on  tie from Seattle.

Uneventful trip, more frustrating than it needed to be because I was sitting on the sun side, couldn't take photos shooting into the sun, and the guy on the witless protection program across the aisles kept his curtains closed and peeked out through a small gap.

And there was the woman in front of me. Attractive enough, somewhere near my age, but one of those Proud A-technical people, who had brought nothing to entertain herself, so she tried to chat up everyone around her. The more she talked, the lower her IQ got.

The highlight of this came when the conductors escorted her back to her seat, informing her that there was a seat 9 on every car, and the one she had chosen to sit in on her way back from the lounge car was not hers. Her jacket was draped on her seat, easy to see.

Mostly Harmless.

Did get some sunset shots, will wait till after the trip to look at them, maybe.

We were half an hour early in to SLO, the stop before mine, but just after we cleared the station, we stopped. we were there for 40 minutes, with no word at all from anyone official why. I looked up the northbound train schedule, and saw we were waiting for it to pass, it was 45 minutes late. Boo. As a result we were half an hour late into SBA.

And then I had to wait 15 minutes for the train to continue on, because it was blocking the path toward the motel.

No problems walking there and checking in. The prices are about $50 a night higher than 3 years ago, but they installed a kitchenette with granite counter tops, a 2-burner gas range and a fridge. Nice cabinets. empty, but they have a sign that they can arrange for cookware. Big King bed, huge room. There is a new flat screen TV set, but the picture is horrible because they only have analog signals coming in.

Took some time to unpack and recover from the walk. Looked online and found a place nearby for dinner, about 6 blocks away, called Brewhouse. Large, very nice, and I remembered that this is the place I thought I had dinner the last time, but the web page looked nothing like it. Turns out that the maps showed this as being on th corner, but it's not. The place on the corner is a dive bar with horrible food. Brewhouse was jam packed, and extremely noisy. I was able to watch the football game, my alma mater was somehow in a bowl game. I left at halftime while they were being destroyed 24-zip. Also a reason for leaving was the very loud band which fired up an hour earlier than advertised. And the huge party I was seated next to started breaking up. So many hot babes in that group.

Back to the motel, after a diversion to the grocery which was closed. The temp is 45 degrees - not the warm-up I was expecting. 

Watched the end of the bowl game (mostly just listened because watching that video was painful) and the UW made a bit of a comeback, but blew the 2-minute drill.

Plans for tomorrow:
sleep in
Wander down to the beach with my camera. It will be cold, so I'll probably stay off of the pier. And probably won't go sailing.

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