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Somewhat as planned, somewhat not, mostly better. Got out of the motel at 10:30, could have grabbed some incontinental breakfast but didn't. walked leisurely down to the beachfront, only a block away, and took my time to get to the skateboard park, where some kids were breaking rules and using traffic poles and cones to create something to jump over. Not much talent there, but they're young and trying hard. And there were a lot of women in spandex looking on. Santa Barbara has more cute butts...

The noise and motion was making me dizzy, so back to the pier, where the shuttle was running. The sign said 50 cents, but 62+ is only half that. I took it halfway up the street, found a place called Joe's for lunch, pretty good clam chowder, excellent French Dip except they slopped a lot of blue cheese dressing on one half - the salad, fries and sandwich were on one huge plate. It was way too much for me, I took away half the sandwich and left over all the fries and most of the salad (it was all lettuce except for some carrot shavings).

On the way I was flabbergasted to see that two whole blocks nearest the waterfront on the main (State) street were under destruction. That's the section which had all the little locally owned boutique shops, the nicest coffee/tea hangout, and the row of garage doors which were painted with new art every month or so. You can still see the doors, behind the green curtain fence. The next block up has already been bulldozed, and is being dug out. This has all the earmarks of some big commercial bank-owned project which will destroy what had been a most charming feature of the town.

One good piece of news is although they evicted the pizza place from the lighthouse building, the building itself has been saved.

Caught the shuttle back to take some photos, and walked back to the train station in the process. A whole bunch of people were crowded up to the tracks, like they had been told the train was going to be there in a minute. Took 20 minutes.Typical. I waited on one of the many tiled benches along State.

It started to warm up enough to walk across the sand and up to the water. Got some shots of sailboats and birds and stuff.

Back to the motel eventually, decided to take advantage of the kitchen, so i walked up to the grocery and bought a frozen dinner and frozen mac & cheese, cookies for tomorrow's trip, and forgot to get another banana. Coming out of the store I saw the 7-11 around the corner. would probably have done better to shop there.

Before going back, I walked a block down the road the Brew place is on, and saw a better way to get to the train station. I'll try that tomorrow.

Watched the football games while i had dinner, caught up on email and FB, though the wifi here is slow and I didn't get everything done.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe have breakfast
Check out by 11
Amtrak at 12:30 or so, home to SJ by maybe 9 pm if I'm lucky.

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