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Woke up this morning at about 6:30 with Hgl or 65. Self-medicated with two Klondike bars, went back to bed, next reading was 159 at about 9:30. Made me late for work by about 5 minutes. Not usually an issue but there's a 10 am staff meeting.

Most of the day's work was about subtitles, and I was able to educate a couple of people about the non-digital kind they use in Europe.

Which meant writing two more test cases, only one of which could be run, because the other needs to have the machine run overnight, and mine won't.

Bess Myerson died today. I had no idea she had been Miss America, or that she was Jewish, or that those two together were A Thing™.

Lunch was at Sizzler. Which reminded me about a peeve. Buffets have various scams to encourage tipping. IMHO if you have to serve yourself, nobody gets tipped. What Sizzler does is they have the servers give out the extra plates and napkins, trying to guilt you into tipping them. For a while they also would leave a mint on a little plate, as a not at all subtle reminder, but my local site has stopped doing that. If I order something which needs a server to bring it to me, I'll leave the usual tip, but not when I'm just there for the salad bar, which is most of the time. Oh, and there's the toast. I've stopped getting that.

China China and some other Asian buffets do it by making you order your beverage from the server.

Looking on Youtube for streams, I discovered a young singer named Charise, who sang at 4 years old like Whitney Houston at 30. And then I noticed a related video, this time she's about 13 and doing spot-on imitations of Lady Gaga and Justin Beiber.  I had seen that clip before. Found some more at 15, which I think is how old she is now? No, she's 22. She doesn't have a sound of her own, though, she sounds like whomever she is covering, almost exactly. But she has great pipes, and a lot of presence.

Home, bluetooth/NFC wireless headphones from Costco arrived. Took no time to pair with my phone, but required a bit of trial and error to pair to the Nexus. Which I am listening to now. I had moved a few CDs worth of music from the phone the other day. It sounds good, but skips more than it should. I wonder if the wireless mouse/kbd interferes? Or maybe the phone is still paired.

BASFA meeting was short, annoying person continues to be more and more annoying. I brought calendars, worried I did not have enough, but there was very little interest among those I did not explicitly hand one to.

One person said he didn't want one. His wife probably did, but she wasn't in the room when I announced that I had them available after the meeting. I forgot to say they were free, maybe that had something to do with it. Famous local science & sci fi author refused one without looking at it. The first photo would have changed his mind.

Anyhow, obligation met, I'll give BASFA a few weeks off.

Meanwhile, I've heard from California to Baltimore who have received theirs. UK, Japan, Israel, Sweden and Belgium not yet. Canada? I can't remember. One of those is London, Ontario, to a dear but insane friend who doesn't do electronic messaging.

Hooked up the Hgl meter to the PC and did a printout for tomorrow. It's not as bad as I thought it would be.

Did laundry, the shirts are hung up in the closet. Spook took advantage of the doors being open to explore.

Plans for tomorrow:
Doctor at 11. I have a list. While writing the list I forgot to put down the no-term memory loss. It took 3 tries to remember it long enough to enter it.
Pharmacy while I'm there. Just before the trip I had a bad night of shivering and fever, and discovered all my OTC meds had expired. 2009 was the worts. Most in 2012. I just don't take many of those, never have except for ibuprofen for my knees.

Nails need to be done, and haircut too.

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