Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Medical stuff

Got to the clinic 15 minutes early, doctor was an hour late getting to me. She has a very charming new young nurse. His name is Kunal. He's American, very melting pot.

Blood pressure was way up there first try, a couple of adjustments brought it down to almost normal. I always test high the first time, but the diff this time was major.

I had a list of symptoms for the doctor, and forgot the most important one - trouble finding the right word. I am a human thesaurus, used to write headlines for a living, but now the pages stick.

Foot neuropathy test was worse than last time, but still only surface issues.

The doc said the headaches which seemed to me to be like many friends describe migraines are migraines. Got some Rx pills for that. At the pharmacy I also picked up non-expired OTC meds and an in-your-ear thermometer because dentures make the oral ones inaccurate.

I gave her a calendar, she was thrilled.

Work, highlight of the day was an actual response from Videolan, with a way for me to upload the very large problem video file to them and attach it to my bug report.

Had to power cycle my new machine again. Team leader giggles when he doesn't have an answer to a serious situation. He has been doing a lot of giggling about how the new machine is not working very well yet. I reminded him we had the same issue in 2009 when our current machine was our new machine. It just made him giggle more.

Costco on the way home got everything on my list except I couldn't find the big jugs of chocolate syrup, and refuse to pay almost $7/lb for pistachios. And they no longer sell the holiday goodies, I would have liked to get some of those booze-filled miniature dark chocolate bottles.

filkferengi's calendar is in the mail. You missed the mass mailing last week.

Home, unpacking took too much out of me.

Dinner was breaded wings and green beans. And milk.

Switched to water for my meds because fasting.

Plans for tomorrow:
Blood test at Kaiser hospital because it's more on the way to work than the clinic in Mountain View.
Call the Denture Clinic and see if I'm due for an insurance-paid denture
Manicure if I can get an appointment.

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