Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

All About Me Day

Many-vialed blood test this morning. The results are mostly in an everything is in normal parameters, though there is one reading I will have to ask the doctor about because it is probably higher than it should be in light of all the related ones being mid-range. And most of the tests look better than last April.

Work was a snoozefest

Lunchtime I had my nails done. They wondered where I had been for the past few months, and the simple answer is I had been having nails done near home on weekends instead of taking lunch time near work. I think I will keep using them, because they do a more thorough job than the one near the house.

After work Great Cuts to get my hair less Einsteinian. Had the most sexy hair dresser. 

Stopped off at the Chinese grocery to get a small sieve. Also picked up some frozen dim sum and some lemongrass, but left all of the far-too-many durian products on their respective shelves.

Home, Spook attacked my legs as I walked down the hall to the bedroom. She's been doing that lately. Gave her treats (she will not eat them out of my hand - when I put my hand out she leans in to be petted) and noticed she has made a huge dent in the food supply. She is gaining weight, but she doesn't eat much while I'm around. Maybe she has an invisible friend.

The park monthly magazine arrived, and it looks like Hell. Some old Vietnamese doctor volunteered to take over editing a couple of months ago when the previous editors moved away. He has no clue about composition, and since this issue was a week late, he didn't bother to proof it. I would write a complaint to the HOA, but I don't want to get Mooseturd Pied.

Had an interesting recruiter message on LinkedIn. They are looking for a MarCom person to manage the look and feel of Apple's Thai web pages. Not too far-fetched, but the FAIL was that the recruiter felt he needed to explain what MarCom meant. 

Cha Sui Bow for dinner, coconut & pineapple ice cream for dessert. Bought some rum-infused egg nog at Costco's the other day, but I'll wait till the weekend for that.

Plans for tomorrow:
Possible a call from my doctor about the blood tests.

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