Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

The Kalashnikov is Mightier Than the Pen

I know we are all Charlie, but today's massacre proves that an automatic weapon or two can silence a dozen satirists in a matter of seconds. This despite the publication's offices allegedly being guarded by Paris' Finest, two of whom also bit the big one.

One of the ironies is this is also the anniversary of Gabby Giffords' shooting.

The world is full of crazy people. No one is safe.

But the only way to live is as if no one is in danger. The other route leads to madness.

Results of my blood tests started coming in early this morning, and one by one they showed in the normal range. 24 blood tests, 4 urine tests. The last two blood tests were off the scale, blood sugar. The fasting one is usually high, so that was only a mild surprise but the long-term one was way up there, one of the worst on record, and I am not sure why, since my morning readings are nowhere near that high.

The urine tests are also alarming, probably means I'm eating too much salt. Which I am.

I don't eat healthy but I don't eat junk, either. Except for the ho-hos.

There was one pair of blood tests which, while in the normal range, one is toward the bottom and the other is toward the top and together they may mean anemia or something related to it. Which would account for all the symptoms I've been having.

Doctor will probably call tomorrow, or at least comment on the tests online.

This is all prep for Tuesday's MRI. Have I mentioned how much I hate MRIs? Horrible noises, loud, for way too long. Why can't they just do a CAT scan?

Work was mostly meetings today. Boss' Boss' meeting was too many people in the room, but it's the largest conference room we have. If I heard correctly, we were told that the deadline we thought was March was actually May. And we were told we would finally get a new build today.

Second meeting was just my team, and was mostly about concerns with the craptastic test tracking software Loud Guy foisted upon us. He totally fails to understand that the bean counters will use the data it pumps out showing how much time each test took to execute, compared with how much time it was expected to take. Which is why he put in insanely short values for the latter.

We finally got the build a little after 6, I waited for it because I needed to run an overnight test and the previous build wasn't stable enough to last overnight.

Straight home, I set up the new little Samsung Blu Ray player which replaced the probably defective old Sony. I put in the DVD of Water For Elephants and watched enough of it to know the disk is fine, the Sony wasn't. Skipped through chapters and FFed to my favorite scenes, and everything played just fine, and looked lovely in Blu Ray. Reese Witrherspoon is actually pretty good and very pretty in it. Hal Holbrook is great too. The younger male lead, Pattinson, looks too much like a young Paul Newman.

Plans for tomorrow:
Put melchar's calendar in the mail

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