Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Football, mostly

Weird dream last night, which continued each time I woke up and went back to sleep. I should have written it down this morning, because now I can't remember what it was about, just that it felt very real.

4:30 am, bad headache and mild fever, took 2 aspirin. That helped, but not enough. An hour later took one of the migraine pills.

Would have liked a cuddling cat. Spook was not having any of that. Instead she cried at me when I didn't get up at her usual time to give her treats. I stayed in bed till 10.

Hgl was 93, which is excellent for my morning reading.

Went to Fry's, hoping to find a CD/clock radio. So far I've bought 2 at other places, the clocks are way too bright. One is in the bathroom, the other is in the bedroom until I can find a better one. And then the bright one will go into the kitchen. The internet radios have lost their appeal because the purveyors of internet radio programs are now wrapping them like podcasts, and you can't even start to hear the station without being inundated by loud, amateurish ads. The same ads every time you turn the thing on, regardless of the station. It used to be nice to tune into far away places, but not so much anymore.

Did not find one, because that whole row has been replaced by 47 different bluetooth speakers. Gag me.

But I did replace the stolen tablet sleeve and stand, so it was not completely fail.

On the way home filled the gas tank, $2.46 at World Oil. The brand names were all at $2.69 or so.

Home, did a little weeding. Looks like there are gophers or something burrowing under the house. I probably should call someone. Nothing in the mailbox except a Jockey catalog.

Did 2 loads of laundry.

Made another pass with the vacuum.

Watched the Ravens throw away their game against the Pats. Very disappointing job by both teams. Watched the Panthers totally overwhelm the Seahawks' running game, and almost didn't come back after halftime, but they turned it up in the 3rd quarter and sealed it in the 4th. The final score is way lopsided compared to how close the game actually was.

Feeling feverish again. Headache is trying to mount a comeback, but so far has not done so.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe watch some football, though I don't have a team in those two games. Probably just tune in at random. If the sun's out, I should probably go to the park.


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