Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
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Quieter Than Lake Woebegone

That stupid warm face feeling and almost-headache is still bothering me. Not bad enough to take pills for, definitely not bad enough for the migraine pills.

Watching football mostly took my mind off it. Both games were close and well played with a minimum of bad calls. Denver got bit by a game-changing challenge which overturned a play which could have won them the game, but it was the initial call which was bad, the reversal was a good call. The rule which was being applied IMHO is wrong. And I've seen it seriously affect a few games this season. The rule is when a player makes a flying catch, no matter how far he travels with the ball in his control in the air, if it pops out when he lands, it's an incomplete pass. I think the rule should be that the ground can't cause an incomplete pass, the same way it can't cause a fumble.

Colts just barely squeaked by Dallas, probably because Romo is old and injured and they really need to replace him with someone young and whole. Which is what Luck is.

Green Bay, OTOH, won with an injured QB, but they were against Denver's retread QB who was hoping to retire with one more ring.

So it'll be the Packers and the Seahawks next Sunday. And the Colts against New England. I expect both to be close, low-scoring, maybe even boring, games.

Stepped out between games to go to Lowe's and get some caulk to repair the crappy job the contractors did where the tile meets the tub on the new shower stall. And also to fill in a crack between the top of the vanity and the wall.

Been here a year and have not done any professional maintenance yet. Time to get on that. The place may need to be re-leveled. Definitely needs new carpeting and trim on the porch & steps. May need some rodent control.

Next Saturday I will probably trim the hedges, unless it rains.

We have had no rain since Dec. 24. Usually by this time in January it has rained a lot. :-(

Before football started I checked the weekly PC backup, and it said it was 182% complete, and had failed due to a file opening conflict. Looking at the logs, it seems the software was trying to do 2 identical backups at the same time. Ended up erasing all the files except the last full backup from a month ago, and starting a full backup. That took till 8:30 pm. But the next 5 will be half-hour incrementals.

During the second game, I heard noise on the front porch, thought it was my neighbor's car door, but then a truck drove off. UPS had left a package. Usually they ring the bell. Lately Amazon has been making Sunday deliveries. It was a forehead scan thermometer. It worked well. Because of my ear hair, which doc describes as a forest, the in-ear one I just bought showed me as dead. My dentures keep me from holding an oral thermometer in the right spot, and I'm not limber enough to use the rectal ones.

Speaking of dentures, last week I called my denture clinic and they confirmed that it has been > 5 years, and they will ask the insurance company how much of the damages they will pay. I ought to be able to afford 50%, but I'm hoping for 80%. Depends on the plan, and my plan is not specific enough to tell without an estimate.

Spook jumped up on the recliner several times while I was sitting in it, trying to watch TV. She even climbed up my torso to the top cushion, but was spooked when she got there and the whole recliner tipped in her direction. Still not a lap cat, though.

Ran the dishwasher. Steamed some dum sum for dinner.

Today is my computer expert nephew's birthday, I sent his greeting on Facebook in ASCII Hex code.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call Kaiser for instructions on Tuesday's MRI

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