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Songkhran's a No-Go, darn it

It's raining. The forecast is for continued rain through the day, about ¼ inch. The Thai Songkhran festival is designed to take advantage of the hot sunny weather, everything is done outdoors, and one of the highlights for me is the water fights the kids have. Adults also sprinkle each other with scented water, usually in a more sedate way. The whole idea is to celebrate summer and invite the rainy season. It just doesn't work if it's already raining.

The Lao temple looks like they hold their festival indoors, but it also is a congregation business meeting, and from the photos on their web site it does not look like it is geared for outsiders. I looked for the Berkeley temple, they don't seem to have a web site, but it looks like in Berkeley they celebrated at a local Thai market on Friday.

So I will seek alternate forms of entertainment. Maybe find a Thai massage? There's one on Saratoga Ave near the Albertson's.

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