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Vagueposting on Facebook sometimes isn't

I met them when I worked backstage on a show. He was in charge of my side of the stage, she was the star of the show. They were already married, having met playing opposite each other in another show a couple of years before. They are both amazingly attractive, talented and likable people.

She had not been online for a week or so, odd because he job includes social networking.

His first vaguepost was to the effect that the first one is out, and it seems there will be a second one. Comment from people who have seen them lately made it clear she had been pregnant, and now they have twins.

Today's vagueposting was about how he was sad because he was all prepared to be unprepared to raise twins. Again, people who know them commented in a way which made it clear one of the twins had died.

There were none of the usual baby/mom, baby/dad photos, so I'm guessing the babies were premature enough to not be sure they would survive. Still not photos, and no news from her.

Very sad. And it makes me miss being in a show. But the more I think about it, the more I'm not confident I can remember lines well enough anymore. I can still do chorus, though, so maybe I'll try out for Iolanthe in 2 weeks.

Woke up an hour before the alarm, but went back to sleep and the alarm woke me. Panicked a little because the clock said 810 instead of 730, but then I remembered this new clock shows the station, not the time, by default. Kind of silly for an alarm clock. This one is a keeper, though, the display is red on black, not glaring, and has a dimmer switch. And the CD is easy to load and unload.

Got to work a little before 10, Automation Guy was waiting for me, he had revised one of his software tools thanks to a magic trick I showed him yesterday, and I'm his official taster. As usual, there was a word misspelled, and the tool didn't work on my machine.  It turns out it was a minor issue which he fixed in an hour. But he still needs to fix the typo.

Just as I was out of things to do, Boss gave me a project, to load up the old machine and the current one with Music Choice streams, which came to us from PA on DVDs from Music Choice itself. If you have cable, the top 99 stations are music with a slide show, which is usually Music Choice.

That's how I ended my work day, anyway.

Lunch was the pizza buffet at Round Table. Have I mentioned how much I hate chicken on pizza? And how revolting BBQ sauce is on pizza? The only hot pizzas when I walked in were BBQ chicken.

So it was cold pepperoni and veggie. They did have plenty of their dessert pizza. Kind of apple cobbler.

After work was The French Store, mostly for diet orange sodastream syrup, but also for migraine exedrin and a couple of hardware items. Also got ice cream, bananas and a couple of frozen dinners/

Home, looked at the cams and saw Spook was once again parked on the mat in front of the carport door, which swing toward the mat. And she has been making too much progress getting in a position to escape when I open the door. So I went around front and came in that way. Totally surprised her. But that means using a key. The carport door lock is electronic.

Tivo, caught up on TMZ and Shark Tank. And there was enough video foo to tell me this Tivo is not healthy. It is long past its warranty, and they have a much better one available now. What had been stopping me is they won't let me transfer the lifetime service agreement ($500) from this box to the new one. But there's $100 off for having bought one previously, so I ordered a new unit. I expect the cable card will work in the new one. If it doesn't it's easy enough to get one which does work. ETA next Tuesday.

Plans for tomorrow:
11 am appointment at the clinic. 


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