Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

It's late again

Because I stopped off at Starbucks after work, and then did some shopping at Walmart's grocery outlet. Didn't get home till after 9. Spook was waiting on the mat in front of the carport door again, she really wanted to escape this time.

Woke up several times during the night, final time with the alarm.

Got to work about 9:30, wrapped up yesterday's project and was given another.

Called radiology and scheduled the MRI for 1 pm a week from tomorrow. They had Saturday appointments, but at 6 am. There is no way I would be able to find someone to drive me there & back at that hour.

Left at noon for MV Kaiser. Unable to drop off a calendar at the shrink's office, because none of the receptionists were on duty. I don't think it was because of the strike, I think they just don't schedule appointments during noon hour.

Went next door to pick up the Valium, the line was very long, so I went back to the shrink's office and finally found someone to give the calendar to. Back to the pharmacy, waited in line for 20 minutes, only to be told the doc had forgotten that it's a controlled substance and needs her to fax something for the DEA. Went to the car and got the tablet and fired up Kindle, while I waited for my name to appear on the board. 15 minutes later, got in line, but 2 people before the front they called me up.

And then I had to wait behind 3 people for a consult.

Back to work, made a cup of noodles for lunch, got Automation Guy to agree to bring me to the MRI and back to work after. It works out fine, he can drop me off, go have lunch, and pick me up at around 2. He may have to pour me into his car. I have no idea how long the Valium will last. Doesn't matter, I can sack out on  the very comfortable sofa in the break room.  

Boss added something to the new project. That one needs help from Automation Guy, who had already left for the day.

In other news, the glue traps I have put out in the kitchen are still catching weevils. Saturday I'll call an exterminator or two. I'm more concerned about the rodent holes under the front porch, actually, but it's probably related because there's a lot of seeds from when I had a bird feeder out there. Weevils love bird seed. So do rodents.

Plans for tomorrow:

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