Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Busy busy day, not so busy night

Wanted to get to work by 9, because bagels, but didn't arrive till almost 10, but it was Krispy Kreme week so no loss. Hate that stuff. Want *real* west coast donuts, not that southeastern lightweight crap.

Had to re-do both of yesterday's projects, learned some stuff about the current product I did not know.

For a change I brought lunch with me, ate at noon in the break room. Half the team went out for lunch, but (a) they were walking and (b) they always go at rush time and spend most of the hour waiting in line. Brought four egg rolls, bought them at Walmart, Tai Pei shrimp, absolutely horrible bland, non-crunchy. The sauce which they pack with them is some kind of tasteless paste. But I also had a banana and Mint Milanos. Eating in the break room was not so exciting, nobody was talking to each other, just staring at the ping pong and pool players, so I broke out the Nexus and its stand and read more trashy science fiction. British author, Colin Barnes, Code Breakers:Alpha. It was free, and worth it. I should not be so harsh. It would have been worth used paperback price. There are some good ideas, there is an actual plot arc which the author did not pull directly out of his ass. Most of the writing is adequate, though there are enough jarring edits and broken sentences to remind me I didn't lose money on this thing. It has a lot of the undertones of the author having some features of the story line in his head which he didn't think through, so he puts them out there and then walks right past them without using them. For instance, at one point a character says she turns meat people into vehicles, and she is just finishing up doing that to one of the main characters, but in the next chapter he's still a meat person, and is flying their helicopter the usual way, not as the AI of the vehicle as we'd be led to believe he would.

At around 3:30 I went to the break room to get away from the noise and to rest my eyes on a wall much farther away than the ones in my cube, and had a long chat with Automation Guy who was coming back from his 1-on-1. I had mine yesterday, we compared notes.

At 5:30 we got a new build, but it broke my machine, and three others in the QA group. So I stayed late trying to find a work around, but no luck.

Straight home, had to push Spook away from the door again. In the mailbox was a set of insect strips which claim to trap weevils, so I set one up, but it was old (eBay goods) and the sticky liner did not fit the trap, and the pheromone was old and in a tube instead of the advertised peel-and-stick tab. Meanwhile the sticky strip I had put on the floor near where the sourdough makings had been has attracted about 30 bugs.

Was going to stop off at Lowe's on the way home and buy a hard rake, but remembered there's one in the shed.

Caught up on TMZ on Tivo.

Looked through the park's monthly magazine for ads for getting my deck carpet replaced. Found two. Did not find any ads for exterminators. The mag is horrible this month. The story is Dr. Vu, who claims to be an MD but sounds more like a homeopathic quack, volunteered to edit it starting in December when the long-time editors moved away. December issue looked okay because it had mostly been done by the outgoing folks, but January looks like hell. I would have been embarrassed to
distribute it. The President's message is a blank page with her photo 2x larger than usual up in the corner, with the message on the next page in 30 point type, some of it overlapping. And so on. The ads look fine because they are done by the owners of the park chain. Pretty much the same deal as when I laid out newspapers back in the day, I would be given the pages with the ads blocked in, and my job would be to fill the rest of the space. To make this an even bigger joke, Dr. Vu in his also too-big-font letter from the editor moans about how hard it was to do, and this will be his last one because he's moving to San Jose next month. So we now know that when he volunteered he knew he would be un-volunteering soon. Asshole. I would volunteer, but frankly this is a job which should be done by paid park personnel.

Plans for tomorrow:
Try to rake up the area between the hedge and the porch. There's a lot of clay-like kitty litter with bird seed embedded in it.
Maybe break out the trimmer and trim the hedge, too.
There may be something at the library to go to
Bad movie night at the Colliers'

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