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There was football, sort of

Had a very interrupted sleep night. Almost every hour waking up, usually for no reason. At one point I got out the Kindle app and tried to read but couldn't see the words my eyes were so tired. Finally got some sleep around 8:30 am, woke at 10:30, read in bed till 11:45.

Spook whined at me a lot that last hour, even jumped on the bed and brought me both her toy mice, one at a time, and stayed there for 15-20 minutes. A new record.

Finally up, showered and all that jazz, my Hgl was high, >200 but not unusual for no insulin in the morning.

Went out to the shed and grabbed the garden rake, the one with the short, steel tines. got into the space between the hedges and the house and broke up the clay-like kitty litter and seed clumps. I did not see any weevils, so that theory probably was not valid. I also packed in the holes which may or may not have been made by rodents burrowing under the house. I'll check those over the next few days to see if they open up again. They may just have been the result of rain runoff from that storm last month.

Watered all the gardens, since it has not rained in 3 weeks, and the morning fog and condensation has not fed the roots. Went to the community office with the annual form which tells the feds I am over 55, and no human(s) under 55 live with me. I thought we needed 100% of the households with at least one 55+ person, but the form said only 80%. The 100% is apparently a park rule. On the way there I saw a couple of hummingbirds, and back at the house I noticed the feeder was down by about half compared to last weekend.

There was a delivery on the part of the porch I cannot see from the front door, the book for my mental health group. I read the foreword, which was a totally self-serving blurb from the professor who taught the two authors everything they know, and an intro from one of the authors which read like your 1st grade teacher telling you not to read the book yet if you will be using it in a class or in therapy, because the leader of that session may want to take the chapters out of order. When I bought the book I saw there is a 3x the price teacher's guide. So I didn't read any further because this is a 12-week class, but I was accepted immediately, with no comments about my stellar timing, so I'm guessing the therapist will probably be at a chapter not-1 when I start Tuesday.

While perusing that, I heard something about Notre Dame and football on the radio, so I searched a little on Tivo and found the NFLNPA Bowl. What? Well, the NGL Players' Assn. holds a "National" vs "American" game, with invited players from mostly smaller schools. There were a handful from the big leagues, but most of the plays (and the QBs) were from schools I had never heard of. Former NFL players were the coaches. It was a poorly played game, the guys in black won by a few TDs, I think it was a shut-out. 2/3 of the way through, Tivo froze, and I had to back off a couple of menus and start all over again, 3xFF through to where it had left off. One more reason I am looking forward to the new Tivo due to land on my porch Tuesday night.

Played online some, read some, had a late lunch. Called one of the mobile home services companies which advertise in the park magazine and left a message that I'd like an estimate on replacing the porch and front steps carpeting.    

7 pm, pointed the GPS at Bad Movie Night, at the home of some old and dear friends from my Menlo Players days. There was also S, a friend from a San Jose theater whom I have mentioned before. Her husband M dumped her for a younger redhead, D. I had had a slight crush on D when I worked backstage on a SJ show, but that was just fantasy. I had a nice chat with S about how I had to choose an audition time for the upcoming San Jose show which was not the time I wanted because M&D had grabbed times too close to it to avoid seeing them. S said, and I'm not surprised, she won't have anything to do with that show if M or D get cast. They probably will both be.

The Bad Movie™ was the worst movie we have ever seen at BMN, or probably anywhere. Okay, maybe the porn movie they made me show at the ag convention in southern Thailand in 1976 was worse, the one with the large German woman and the Shetland pony. No, not even that. The movie we saw is called Poultrygeist, and I will link to it -->here<-- so you can avoid it.  The host's rule is no fast forwarding, and I stayed for the whole thing. The ending was worth full price. I was disappointed that we did not get to see the commentary or bloopers.

That was followed by Sharknado Two, which comparatively was an Emmy winner. Tara Reid did some actual acting, so did Vivica Fox. Judd Hirsch makes a guest appearance, as does The Shark Tank's Daymond John. Also most of the Today Show cast. I left when there was still 1/2 an hour of mayhem left.

Home, took the bedding out of the dryer and made the bed with Spook "helping". Made a snack of some small dim sum.

Plans for tomorrow:
Watch the Seahawks/Packers game. Probably at home. Probably on Tivo delay. That's because I am afraid they won't win, and I don't need to witness that among more gung-ho fans. If they have a substantial lead at halftime I may put on my jersey and seek out a sports bar, but I don't think it's likely.
Watch the Luck/Brady game on Tivo later. Or maybe live if the Seahawks win.

No work Monday, so maybe I'll go out later.

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