Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

What I did today

Got out of bed reluctantly at 10-ish. Reluctant because Spook was lying on the bed and letting me pet her.

Target, for targeted shopping. Got everything on the list, plus a rubber-backed mat for inside the carport door. There's a mat there already but it is small and slides around. Spook took to the new one immediately.

Home, only waited half an hour into the Seahawks game to start the playback, so I was very close to real time. The first quarter was horrible for Seattle, the second quarter even worse. 16-0 at halftime, I shut it off and decided to tune in for the final 2 minutes. Just in time to see them pass the Packers for the first time in the game, and then blow it with a minute and a half left, allowing Green Bay to tie it with a field goal with maybe 9 seconds on the clock. Overtime they won the toss, which was great good luck, and in two long passes there was a touchdown and the Seahawks won. Amazing win, amazing loss for GB. I felt sorry for them because they played their butts off all game, totally dominated until the last 5 minutes, and then were struck by lightning. And the crowd went wild. Wilder. Wildest. Looking forward to the quake meter report tomorrow, first with the TD that put them ahead, then the final TD which was a spectacular throw and catch.

Russel Wilson was in tears. He cried all through the post-game kneeling prayer session. Disgusting, that. As if, if there was a god, or a son of a god, he would be the least bit interested in football. Golf, maybe, but not football.

Finally heard back from my Ghent tour guide, aka former co-worker, he totally flaked on sending me his address. Now there's a calendar ready to mail to him Tuesday.

Watched the Patriots totally pwn the Colts. Superbowl is going to be very interesting, indeed.

After that game I decided to take my 12's T-shirt (with me inside it) to dinner. Went to The Firehouse, sports bar, had a nice meal, though a little too much oil and salt on the fettuccine. Very cute waitresses there. Dressed in Catholic schoolgirl outfits, but shorter skirts. My waitress wrote sweet congrats Seahawks on my receipt.

They closed the food service before I could order dessert, so I went to Lucky's and bought a couple of pieces of cake and a roll of chocolate chip cookie dough and some chopped walnuts. And re-stocked turkey franks and hot dog buns.

Home, Galavant was on the Tivo list, I turned on closed captioning but hardly needed it this time. This was a much better episode than the last, more and better songs and lyrics, tighter script, and the supporting actresses seemed to have more support than previously. Weird Al was in it, but was disguised as a monk, and Ricky Gervaise, who usually makes me want to puke, was tolerable.

Plans for tomorrow:
No workie, MLK day. This is a holiday I object to for many reasons, but mainly because it usurps Presidents' Day which usurped Washington's Birthday and Lincoln's Birthday. I don't think MLK's one-issue legacy comes close to approaching the multi-issue legacies of Washington or Lincoln. King put his life on the line 30 times for himself, Washington and Lincoln countless times for their country.
Maybe I'll see a movie. Not Selma.

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