Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Another long weekend

Last one until May, I think. I wish they would spread them around more.

Did a lot of online shopping but not a lot of buying. I need a medium weight jacket, preferably a team jacket. O have been wearing my Sharks jacket mostly, because it is the only one I own which fits, and is comfortable to drive in. The only other jackets I have which I can still zip up are:
A very heavy arctic camping jacket
A bulky Seahawks stadium jacket (Lambeau Field temps)
A stiff and heavy Giants faux leather jacket for those rainy days in late October

I seriously need to lose weight.

But meanwhile, I want a jacket where people won't keep asking me about a team I have no interest in except for the exciting logo and complementary colors.

There's a story behind this jacket.
A few years ago a theater friend was bombarding Facebook with photos of his great seats at the Shark Tank. This is one of my bestest friends, a brilliant actor who would go a lot farther if he was not also insane. I was on eBay and completely by accident there was this Sharks jacket, in his size, with his name embroidered on the front. His birthday was coming up, and even if it wasn't, this was A Sign.

So I bought it, and gave it to him.

And here's why I'm going for an MRI brain scan Friday:

I have a memory of him presenting me with an identical jacket, but in my size, as a "thank you".
I have a memory of liking his jacket so much I bought one in my size for myself.

Either memory is equally plausible to me.

These memories gave me a valuable clue. Before I left for the movies this afternoon, I took a photo of the jacket label. It's by a company called Starter. I should look for jackets by Starter.

It was too early for the movie, so I went to Lowe's for some long nails. A weekend project was to pound in a few nails and hang the dustpan and brush and one of the kitty litter scoopers on the wall in the laundry room. To get them off the counter and make them more handy.

It took a while to find the nails. Lowe's is all about screwing, not much about pounding. It felt wrong to leave with only a box of nails, so just for grins I walked all the way to the other side of the warehouse to the garden department, because there is usually some eye candy there (there was) and the first plants I saw was a whole flat of Lithodora. I have been looking for this plant for months. I had placed two in my strip garden, one got fried by the summer sun, but the other is now growing trailings all over the place. Nothing else in the garden is growing outside its original plot. So I bought two of these.

I was an hour early for Paddington, totally forgot that this was the not-in-school showing, and killed most of the hour in Starbucks. Got into the theater 5 minutes before the official start time, which is 25 minutes before they run out of trailers. Walked up to the top row as I usually do, it looked like half the row was empty, but when I got there I saw that the reason it looked empty is the sets are much taller than the children in them.

The place was not just sold out, it was over-sold. I lucked out and found an aisle seat which someone grandpa was splayed across because he fell asleep at the seat next to it. Grandma woke him up and he said the seat was available. At least six kids were sitting on the steps when the movie started, only two of them found seats. No ushers in sight.

I was completely unfamiliar with Paddington Bear stories, they were after my childhood, and Pooh had total control of that market. So don't ask me if it was true to the books. I don't know.

But it was a very good film. Amazing, the children in the audience reacted as one. To almost everything. Very well written, directed, special effected. Solid performances by all the adults, Nicole Kidman is to die for. Peter Capaldi shows he really can act, playing the neighborhood busybody/dupe. So good to see him in a show without fart jokes. I was disappointed in the child actor/actress. They phoned it in, and I was expecting so much more from "The producers of Harry Potter". 

Home, planted the lithodora, watered them well. Pounded in 3 nails. Was planning on 4, but one of the litterbox scoopers doesn't have a hole in its handle, and the other holes are smaller than the fairly small nail head. And in case you cringe at scoopers on the wall, it's an automatic litterbox, the scoopers are only used to level out the litter (Spook tends to deplete the far left side and leave the rest alone.).

Speaking of Spook, she has a new sleeping spot. I laundered the white bath mats the other day, and ever since then she prefers to park there.

And she has a new trick. When she wants treats she whines at me, and kicks the bowl I give them to her in.

Baked a roll of Pilsbury chocolate chip cookies, added chopped walnuts. They came out great. House smells delicious. Fried up a pair of chicken fried steaks, from a Costco 6-pack. Way too much gristle, and the gravy is thin. Not sure if I will keep the remaining 4 or not.

Nothing on Tivo, so I watched some live TV. The Bachelor. Jimmy Kimmel was a guest host. As usual, he sucked. So many of the women on the show were baracudas, and it was clear that the guy did not have a chance to spend enough time with all the women, thanks to some stupid changes Kimmel made in the format. Pool party instead of cocktail party, for instance. and no schedule for bachelor time, so the most aggressive women won. He kept the two mental cases, which I knew he would because one is blonde with boobs visible from satellite images, and the other has an incredibly hot body and Cleopatra eyes, made moreso by the 2" lash extensions, and the very attractive gold chain hair thong.

Turned off the TV and dozed off for half an hour.

At Starbucks my therapist called to thank me for the calendar, she sounded completely blown away by the photos. She also updated me on her communications with my doctor and reminded me to take the MRI. 

Did not even think about going to BASFA, forgot it was Monday. A pity because Annoying Woman was not there.

Plans for tomorrow:
Phone appointment with diabetes doctor
Mind over Mood session at Kaiser MV

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