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Mixed Bag

Woke up an hour before the alarm, took a leak and went back to bed until the alarm woke me again. Got motivated and made it to work before 9. Spent the morning troubleshooting an issue with the new machine which cropped up Friday. Managed to completely hose the machine. Have asked Engineering to take a look.

Lunchtime I went to Specialty's, but they are off my list now through no fault of their own. A mega complex is being built on 3 sides of them, the side street and the parking lot entrance which used to be there are blocked, and there is no parking available at all even as late as 2 pm. And the exit from the lot only lets you go to the other side of the freeway. The first U-turn is at a strip mall with many eateries, so I stopped there and went to Togo's.

Did some follow-up work from last week, then waited for the phone call from Diabetes doc, who just made the deadline before I had to leave for the Group Session in Mountain View. Got there 5 minutes to spare,  they gave me the same idiotic math test I got when I saw the therapist. What they have are six poorly-worded questions next to a row of 0-3 columns. If you have experienced the thing never, circle 0, if once a month, circle 1, once a week is 2 every day is 3. Then add them up. Apparently anything >12 is loony tunes. I scored 16 the first time, 14 this time. That's because every day or at least once a week I have feelings of anxiety for about 30 seconds, and either over-eat or under-eat (that's one question!), and so on. Bogus, useless for mostly-sane people like me.

The building was super-hot, probably 80°, but the group leader did nothing about it after asking the class if it was hot in here, and we all affirmed that. But that wasn't until she had already lost me. The session started with lights dimmed way down, eyes closed and her leading breathing "mindfulness". If you want to lose my vote, start with meditation. Totally lose me by not keeping a rhythm.

I won't go into all the stupid details, but this group was for people whose anxiety and/or depression makes them unable to function normally in society. All the exercises were aimed at giving the patient alternatives to being freaked out. One of the top suggestions was to see a movie. The leader seemed to think this was a chance to socialize, not just get out of the house. One patient said he wanted to see Unbroken. I wanted to slap him and tell him NO!!!! I was amazed the leader didn't steer him away from that very bad idea.

I won't be around for the session where he tells the group he may never see a movie again.

Told the leader after class that I would not be coming back. She was obviously late for something, and rushed me out. Mumbled something about a yoga class having that room next.

Home, delivered were two gadgets. The new Tivo, and the replacement tablet. I got the 8" instead of the 7" this time. Setting each of them up required a lot of push a button and wait, so I was able to do them both at the same time. And both will need more stuff downloaded before they will be fully usable. I'm somewhat pissed at Tivo for not offering a transfer service, it would be so easy for them to simply transfer my scheduled recording list to the new machine, but they don't. Only a fraction of the schedule is downloaded during setup, and only items on the schedule can be set up to be recorded. So Pro Bowl and Superbowl will have to wait, as well as Shark Tank, TMZ and Galavant. Elementary had the next episode already which let me set up a season pass.

So far I'm not seeing any improvement to the new box, except they have done away with the horrible musical/animated pre-setup clip. The cable card worked without having to be paired, so they lied about that. The built-in wireless let me do away with their awkward external flip-thing which needed ts own power supply. I may be able to get some $$ for that on eBay.

They changed from a keyed power connector to a not-at-all-secure laptop style round push-in one. I give Spook a week to unplug it.

In weevil news, they continue to be caught on the sticky strips in the kitchen, but not so much in the bathroom. Maybe tomorrow on my way home I'll stop in at Lowe's and get some more.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe chat with therapist after looking at what other groups there are. Unfortunately most of the groups are at awkward times during work hours, none of them near home.


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